11/01/20 rmn/uni + ss

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retail me not everyday
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Advil $2 off 72ct or larger, exp 11/29/20

Advil $1 off or advil PM 18ct+, exp 11/29/20

Advil $2 off respiratory product, exp 11/8/20

Advil $2 off 40ct+, exp 11/29/20

Advil $2 children’s, or Dimetapp or children’s robitussin product, exp 11/8/20

Breathe Right $2 off product, exp 11/8/20

Clear Care $3 off or clear care plus solution 12oz+, exp 12/12/20

Clear Care $6 off or clear care plus solution, twin packs only , exp 12/12/20

Compeed $5 off advanced blister care 12ct or 9 ct, excludes 2ct, exp 11/30/20

Compeed $4 off advanced blister care 10ct or 8ct, excludes 2ct, exp 11/30/20

Cosamin $10 off DS or Cosamin ASU, exp 12/7/20

Fancy Feast $2.50 off 12 1.1oz trays of appetizers cat compliment or 1.4oz pouches of fancy feast broths cat complement, exp 12/31/20

Fancy Feast $2 off 3lb or larger bag of fancy feast dry cat food, exp 12/31/20

Herbal Essences $2 off 2 shampoo, conditioner or styling products, excludes bio:renew, color, body wash and trial/travel, exp 11/14/20

Mederma $7 off product, excludes advanced Scar gel 20g and AG skin care products, exp 11/30/20

Mederma $5 off advanced scar gel 20g only, exp 11/30/20

Opti-Free $3 off puremoist, opti-free replenish, or optifree express solution 10oz+, exp 12/12/20

Opti-Free $6 off puremoist, opti-free replenish, or optifree express solution, twin packs only, exp 12/12/20

Polident $2 off product 84ct or larger, exp 12/1/20

Robitussin $3 off honey or NEW Robitussin naturals, exp 11/25/20

Robitussin $2 off product, exp 11/8/20

Schwarzkopf $3 off Hair Color Product, any, exp 11/14/20

Senokot $5 off laxative gummies dietary supplement, exp 12/13/20

Senokot $3 off laxative tablets product, exp 12/13/20

Systane $3 off lubricant eye drops 8ml+, exp 11/28/20

Systane $6 off lubricant eye drops 10ml twin pack only, exp 11/28/20

Super Poligrip $1.50 off 2.2 oz or larger, exp 12/1/20

Super Poligrip $2.50 off 2ct or 3ct, exp 12/1/20

Target FREE $5 target gift card with purina pet food, treats and/or litter purchase of $25 or more, 11/1-11/21/20

Theraflu $2 off product, exp 11/8/20

ThermaCare $3 off product, excludes 1ct, exp 11/15/20

retail me not everyday / unilever
coupons may vary by region

Dove $3 off 2 Dove Men & Care, Axe, degree, or degree men dry spray antiperspirants etts, exp 11/14/20

Dove Men & Care Body wash 13.5 oz + Buy one get one Dove Men & Care antiperspirant or deodorant free, excludes combo, etts, max value $4.99, exp 11/14/20

Dove $3 off 2 body wash or shower foam 13.5-22 oz etts, exp 11/14/20

Dove $.75 off beauty bar 4 ct + etts, exp 11/14/20

Dove $1 off body polish, etts, exp 11/14/20

Dove $1 off foaming hand wash 13.5 oz etts, exp 11/14/20

Dove $4 off 2 hair care, excludes Dove Men & Care, etts, exp 11/14/20

Dove $2 off Amplified hair Textures, excludes all other dove hair care, etts, exp 11/14/20

Lipton $.40 off tea bags, k cup, liquid, powdered iced tea mix etts, exp 11/14/20

Noxzema $1 off etts, exp 11/14/20

Ponds $1.50 off etts, exp 11/14/20

Simple $2 off etts, exp 11/14/20

St Ives $1 off Face Care, personal wash or hand and body lotion etts, exp 11/14/20

Suave $1 off Body Wash etts, exp 11/14/20

Suave $1.50 off men hair care excludes twin, etts, exp 11/14/20

Suave $1.50 off kids hair care excludes twin, etts, exp 11/14/20

Suave $2 off professionals for Naturals Hair, excludes twin, exp 11/14/20

Suave $1 off lotion excludes 3 oz, etts, exp 11/14/20

Suave professionals for Naturals Hair buy one get one free Suave professionals for Naturals Hair, up to $5.99, etts, exp 11/14/20

Tresemme $4 off 2 Shampoo/Conditioner, etts, exp 11/14/20

Vaseline $2 off 6.8 oz+, etts, exp 11/14/20

coupons may vary by region

Aquaphor $2 off body product 1.75oz or larger or Aquaphor baby product, excludes travel and trial, exp 11/28/20

Aquaphor $2 off ointment body spray product, excludes any other Aquaphor products and trial sizes, exp 11/28/20

Aquaphor $1 off lip product, exp 11/28/20

Aspercreme Buy 1 Get 1 Free aspercreme product, exp 11/14/20

Blistex $.75 off 2 lip care products, exp 1/1/21/20

Blistex $.25 off lip care product, exp 1/1/21/20

Chobani $1 off 2 yogurt multi-pack, 24oz or 32oz tub, 10/27-11/30/20

Chobani $2/10 yogurt single-serve or Chobani non-dairy single-serve product, 10/27-11/30/20

Claritin $10 off non drowsy 60ct or larger, excludes Claritin-d, exp 11/29/20

Claritin $4 off non-drowsy or children’s Claritin 24ct or larger, excludes Claritin-d, exp 11/29/20

Colgate $.50 off toothpaste 3.0 oz or larger, excludes 2.8 oz and 2.8oz bonus, trial/travel, exp 11/14/20

Colgate $1.50 off mouthwash or mouth rinse 400ml or larger, exp 11/14/20

College Inn $.50 off broth or stock or culinary stock, any flavor, exp 1/1/21/20

Covergirl $2 off eye product, excludes 1kit shadows, accessories and travel/trial, exp 11/28/20

Covergirl $1 off lip product, excludes continuous color lipstick, accessories and travel/trial, exp 11/28/20

Del Monte $.50/4 vegetables 10-18oz single cans only, exp 1/1/21/20

Depend $2 off products 8ct or larger, exp 12/5/20

Dulcolax $3 off product, excludes 10ct or smaller stimulant and stool softener

Efferdent $1 off 44ct and up, exp 12/13/20

Effergrip $1.50 off 2.5oz, exp 12/13/20

Ensure $4 off 2 multipacks, exp 12/20/20

Eucerin $2 off body product 8oz or larger or Eucerin Baby Product, excludes travel/trial sizes and face products, exp 11/28/20

Eucerin $3 off original healing soothing repair cream 16oz, Eucerin advanced repair cream 16 oz or Eucerin roughness relief cream 116oz, excludes travel/trial sizes and any other Eucerin products, exp 11/28/20

Feosol $2 off product, exp 12/31/20

Glade Buy any one glade product, get a second glade product FREE, up to $5.50 value, excludes glade room spray 8oz, solids, carpet and room refresher, plugins scented oil 1ct or 2ct warmer only products, maximum offer value is $5.50, exp 11/14/20

Glade $.50 off plugins warmer only 1ct or 2ct pack, 1 only, exp 11/21/20

Glucerna $4 off 2 products, exp 12/15/20

Icy Hot Buy 1 Icy Hot product Get one FREE, exp 11/14/20

Johnsonville $.50 off breakfast sausage DND, exp 12/31/20

Johnsonville $1 off sausage strips, exp 12/31/20

Kaopectate $2 off product

Kleenex $1 off 4 single boxes of facial tissue 30ct or higher, exp 11/29/20

Midnite $3 off product, exp 12/31/20

Nature’s Secret $2 off product, exp 2/28/20

Poise $2 off pads or liners. Not valid on 14-26 count liners or 10ct pads, exp 12/5/20

Quaker $1 off 2 products, exp 12/13/20

Rolaids $2 off bottle or 28ct advanced softchews

Suave $3 off 2 professionals shampoo or conditioner product, excludes twin packs, gift packs and trial/travel, exp 11/14/20

Superpretzel $1 off product, exp 12/27/20

Tena $5 off 2 maximum, ultimate or overnight pads or underwear or briefs products, exp 11/29/20

Tena $1 off moderate pads, ultra thins, liners, male guards, adult wipes or cream products, exp 11/29/20

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