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    see newly available printable coupons on the main page. i also let you know what coupons are about to become unavailable, so you can print before it's too late!

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    sponsored posts (also known as promoted posts, paid posts, sponsored reviews, etc) are posts which are advertisements for a particular company or product, but are usually disguised to look like other posts on the site. the blogger receives compensation in the form of money, products, or services for publishing the post. i won't waste your time with deceptive "content" that is actually an advertisement.

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    i will not promote coupons or rebates from questionable sources.

    to be sure you are couponing honestly, only use coupons that come from a reliable source, such as the manufacturer or retailer. follow the wording and restrictions on the coupon.

    when submitting rebates, adhere to all of the offer’s limits & requirements.

  • this site is dedicated to coupons & rebates
    for deals at cvs, rite aid, & walgreens, check out my, & sites.