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clipped coupons & whole inserts available from the coupon clippers
coupons may vary by region

All $1.50 off fresh clean essentials ets (exp 9/2)

All $1 off product ets (exp 9/2)

Angel Soft $.45 off bathroom tissue (exp 8/23)

Band-Aid/Neosporin $2/3 band-aid adhesive bandages, Neosporin or band-aid first aid products (exp 9/3)

Benadryl $1 off product (exp 9/3)

Clean & Clear $1 off product ets (exp 9/3)

Dove $1.50 off clinical protection antiperspirant deodorant product excluding m+c, multipacks and trial (exp 8/20)

Dove $1 off advanced care antiperspirant deodorant product excluding m+c, multipacks and trial (exp 8/20)

FDgard $3 off 8 or 24ct (exp 1/22/19)

IBgard $3 off 12 or 48ct (exp 1/22/19)

International Delight $1 off one touch latte (exp 8/31)

Johnson’s/Desitin $2 off product excluding johnson’s 1-4oz and desitin 1oz (exp 9/3)

Kotex U $3/2 liners excluding 14-22ct and trial (exp 8/12)

Kotex U $3/2 pads ets (exp 8/12)

Kotex U $3/2 tampons ets (exp 8/12)

Le Petit Marseillais $1 off product (exp 8/19)

Le Petit Marseillais $3/2 products (exp 8/19)

Listerine $1 off adult mouthwash 1l+ or healthy white product 16oz+ (exp 9/3)

Listerine $1 off floss or flosser product (exp 9/3)

Listerine $1 off smart rinse anticavity fluoride rinse product 500ml (exp 9/3)

Magnum $1 off 3ct or 6ct product dnd (exp 8/6)

Mederma $5 off pm intensive overnight scar cream, advanced scar gel, scar cream plus spf 30, for kids or stretch marks therapy (exp 9/30)

Motrin/Bengay $1 off product (exp 9/3)

Neutrogena $2/2 products excluding trial sizes, clearance and bar soap (exp 9/3)

Quilted Northern $.25 off ultra plush bath tissue 6+ double roll (exp 8/23)

Quilted Northern $.50 off ultra soft & strong bath tissue 6+ double roll (exp 8/23)

Sally Hansen $1 off miracle gel color or top coat $7.45+ (exp 8/23)

Sally Hansen $1 off nail care product (exp 9/23)

Snuggle $.50 off product ets (exp 9/2)

Snuggle $1 off scentables product ets (exp 9/2)

Sparkle $.50 off paper towels 6+ roll (exp 9/7)

Tylenol/Motrin $1 off children’s or infants’ product (exp 9/3)

Tylenol/Simply Sleep $1 off product ets (exp 8/20)

Zyrtex/Rhinocort $4 off children’s product (exp 9/3)

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clipped coupons & whole inserts available from the coupon clippers
coupons may vary by region

AcneFree $2 off product excluding 24 hour acne clearing systems, deep cleansing duo and trial (exp 9/30)

AcneFree $4 off 24 hour acne clearing system or deep cleansing duo (exp 9/30)

Air Wick $1.50 off pure aerosol (exp 8/20)

Air Wick $1.50 off scented oil twin or triple refill (exp 8/20)

Air Wick $2 off freshmatic ultra refill (exp 8/20)

Aleve $2 off regular or pm 40ct+ excluding d products (exp 9/3)

BIC $1.50 off gel-ocity gel pen product (exp 8/19)

BIC $1 off stationery product (exp 8/5)

Blue Diamond $1 off 64oz shelf stable almond breeze (exp 9/24)

Blue Diamond $1/2 32oz shelf stable almond breeze (exp 9/24)

Calgate $1.50 off 360 manual toothbrushes twin pack or multi-pack only excluding free product packs (exp 8/50 Carefree $2/2 products excluding 18, 20 and 22ct (exp 8/13)

Cheerios $1/2 any variety (exp 9/2)

Chex $1 off blueberry cereal (exp 9/2)

Clorox $2.50 off toilet wand starter kit excluding refills (exp 8/23)

Clorox 2 $1.25 off product excluding pen (exp 8/21)

Clorox/Liquid-Plumr/Pine-Sol $1/2 products ets (exp 8/21)

Colgate $.50 off adult or kids toothbrush excluding plus, extra clean and classic clean (exp 8/5)

Colgate $.50 off toothpaste 3oz+ (exp 8/5)

Colgate $1.50 off adult or kids battery powered toothbrush (exp 8/5)

Colgate $1.50 off mouthwash or mouth rinse 400ml+ (exp 8/5)

Colgate $1.50 off toothpaste twin pack or multi-pack only 4oz+ (exp 8/5)

Don Francisco’s Coffee $1.50 off family reserve cold brew (exp 9/3)

Don Francisco’s Coffee $1 off 1 can, 1 10oz or 12oz family reserve bag or 1 12ct or 18ct family reserve single serve box (exp 9/3)

Duncan Hines $.50 off perfect size for 1 item dnd (exp 10/23)

Edge/Skintimate $1 off shave gel excluding 2.75oz (exp 8/13)

Glucerna $3 off product (exp 9/17)

Irish Spring $.50 off soap 6pk+ (exp 8/5)

Irish Spring $1 off body wash excluding 2.5oz (exp 8/5)

Land O’Frost $.75 off premium, bistro favorites or Canadian bacon (exp 8/26)

Land O’Frost $1 off premium sub sandwich kit (exp 8/26)

MagniLife DB $2 off diabetics’ dry skin relief, pain relieving foot cream or antifungal foot cream (exp 8/28)

Maruchan $1/12 pillow-pack ramen packages (exp 8/31)

Palmolive $.50 off ultra dish liquid 20oz+ (exp 8/5)

Planters $1 off p3 multipack or nut-rition product 5.4oz+ (exp 9/3)

Playtex $2 off sport compact, sport or gentle glide tampons 14ct+ (exp 8/13)

Playtex $4/2 sport pads, liners or combo packs excluding 20ct liners (exp 8/13)

Renew Life $2 off kids probiotic or gummies (exp 8/23)

Replens $2 off item dnd (exp 9/1)

Revlon $3 off face cosmetic product (exp 8/6)

Schick $2 off disposable razor pack excluding 1ct (exp 8/13)

Schick $2 off hydro razor or refill excluding disposables (exp 8/130 Schick $2 off quattro for women, intuition or hydro silk razor or refill excluding disposables (exp 8/13)

Schick $2 off quattro titanium razor or refill excluding disposables (exp 8/13)

Softsoap $.50 off liquid hand soap pump 8oz+ or refill 28oz+ (exp 8/5)

Softsoap $.75 off body wash 15oz+ (exp 8/5)

Speed Stick $1 off men’s or lady twin pack (exp 8/12)

Stayfree $2/2 products excluding 10ct (exp 8/13)

Suave B1G1 free hair styling product up to $6 (exp 8/6)

Suave Kids $.50 off hair care product ets (exp 8/6)

Suave Professionals $3/2 gold hair care products excluding luxe styling products and 2oz (exp 8/6)

Suave Professionals $3/2 shampoos or conditioner 28oz, or dry shampoo or treatment products excluding 12.6oz and 3oz (exp 8/6)

Suavitel $.50 off fabric softener 44oz+ (exp 8/5)

Suavitel $.50 off fabric softener sheets 40ct+ (exp 8/5)

Toast Crunch $1 off apple cinnamon, strawberry, blueberry or french toast crunch cereal (exp 9/2)

Ultimate Flora $5 off probiotic 30ct+ (exp 8/23)