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allegra product (exc. 5ct & 8ct) $5 off exp 11/11/23

allegra allergy 24hr 70ct, 90ct tablets or 60ct gelcap product $10 off exp 10/28/23

blink contacts or blink-n-clean drops $3 off exp 11/30/23

blink tears .5oz or 1oz, or blink triple care $3 off exp 11/30/23

colace 28ct or higher $1 off exp 12/03/23

colace 60ct or higher $3 off exp 12/03/23

covergirl eye product (exc. 1-kit shadows, accessories and ets) $3 off exp 11/08/23

covergirl face product (exc. cheekers, accessories and ets) $3 off exp 11/04/23

covergirl lip product (exc. continuous color lipstick, accessories and ets) $1 off exp 11/04/23

dove, dove men+care, degree, degree men dry spray antiperspirants or schmidt’s deodorant spray products (ets) $4 off 2 exp 11/04/23

eucerin body product 5oz+, or eucerin baby product (ets) $2 off exp 11/18/23

eucerin cream product 16oz (ets) $3 off exp 11/18/23

eucerin face product (ets) $3 off exp 11/18/23

lindt lindor bags >5oz $1.50 off 2 exp 11/30/23

thayers 12oz or 8.5oz facial toner $2 off exp 11/05/23

xyzal 24hr allergy 80ct product $10 off exp 10/28/23

xyzal product (exc. 10ct) $5 off exp 11/11/23

zegerid otc 42ct $6 off exp 12/03/23

zegerid otc $3 off exp 12/03/23

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