p&g fabric care rebate 08/13-09/23

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Tide / Dreft & Downy / Bounce
get $10 wyb $30
get $10 wyb $30

in a single transaction
limit 1
08/13/23 - 09/23/23

$30 purchase totals required after any coupons & discounts have been applied.

Tide/Dreft/Downy/Bounce: Purchase must include at least one (1) Tide or Dreft detergent item and at least one (1) Downy or Bounce scent booster, rinse, liquid fabric enhancer, or dryer sheets item

Gain: Purchase must include at least one (1) Gain Laundry detergent item and at least one (1) Gain Fireworks, liquid fabric softener or dryer sheets item

excludes Travel/trial sizes

must Claim reward by 10/22/23
rebate issued via Prepaid card by mail
The cards have a 6 month expiration, but a card can be reissued up to an additional 180 days after expiration by calling into Cardholder Customer Service at 1-800-522-7458
check your card balance at or 1-800-522-7458

call 1-855-682-8305 or email to check the status of your rebate