johnson & johnson "caregiver" rebate

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get $10 when you spend $25 on johnson & johnson products
in one transaction

includes band-aid, benadryl, bengay, imodium, lactaid, listerine, motrin, neosporin, pecid, polysporin, reach, tena, tylenol, visine, & zyrtec

maximum of 1 imodium
limit 1 rebate per receipt
limit 2 per household
10/18/20 - 12/31/20

excludes ZYRTEC 40 ct+, Adult TYLENOL, Adult TYLENOL Cold & Flu and Children's TYLENOL Cold & Flu
see specific products/upcs here

Reward choices are Visa Rewards Virtual Account (expires in 1 month) or Visa Rewards Card (expires in 6 months)

submit by 12/31/20, CHOOSE AND ACTIVATE YOUR REWARD BY 01/31/21