johnson & johnson care club

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earn points for puchases:

upload your receipts and earn 150 points for each participating product.

maximum of 1500 points / 15 receipts per month

print complete name on receipt (digital receipts not valid), sign and date, and circle all Qualifying Purchase(s) before uploading.
file must be in .jpeg, .jpg, .png, or gif format and not exceed 5 MB.

limit 1 purchase per month:
benadryl, bengay, imodium, lactaid, motrin, pepcid, rhinocort, sudafed, tylenol, visine, zarbee's, & zyrtec

unlimited purchases:
aveeno, band-aid, clean & clear, desitin, exuviance, johnson's, listerine, lubriderm, maui moisture, neosporin, neostrata, neutrogena, ogx, rogaine
earn additional points:

get 100 points for signing up

answer a few quick profile questions to earn 50 points.

Review a Product to earn 25 points.
with a maximum of 5 reviews/125 points per month.

take a poll to earn 10 points.
with a maximum of 2 polls/20 points per month.

Read an Article to earn 5 points
with a maximum of 3 articles/15 points per month.

Watch a Video to to earn 5 points
with a maximum of 3 videos/15 points per month.

Invite a Friend to earn 30 points
with a maximum of 300 points
redeem points for rewards:

redeem a minimum of 500 points for a gift card.
gift cards currently available include:
venmo, amazon, pandora, amc, spa finder, adidas, & stub hub

or use smaller amounts for sweepstakes entries.