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11/17/19 rmn + ss

retail me not everyday
(previously known as redplum)
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Garnier $2 off Nutrisse, OLIA or Express Retouch Hair Color Product, exp 12/7/19

Garnier $2 off Whole Blends Shampoo, Conditioner or Treatment Product excludes 3oz travel size and $.68oz hair crème mask, exp 11/30/19

Garnier $3/2 Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner, Treatment or Styling Products excludes 1oz, 2oz, 2.9oz and 3oz travel sizes, exp 11/30/19

Garnier $2 off Skinactive Cleanser Product ets and masks, exp 12/14/19

Garnier $3 off Skinactive Moisturizer ets and masks, exp 12/14/19

Loreal $2 off Paris Revitalift or Age Perfect Product ets, exp 11/30/19

Loreal $2 off Paris Eyeliner, Eye Shadow or Eyebrow Product excludes color rich monos, exp 12/14/19

Loreal $2 off Paris Cosmetic Face Product ets, exp 12/14/19

Loreal $2 off Paris Superior Preference or Excellence Hair Color Product, exp 12/14/19

Loreal $5/2 Pairs Superior Preference or Excellence Hair Color Product, exp 12/14/19

Loreal $2 off Paris Root Precision or Magic Root Coverup Product, exp 12/14/19

Loreal $3/2 Paris El vive Shampoo, Conditioner or Treatments excludes any 1oz product, 3oz Shampoo and Conditioner, Twin Packs and Value Packs, exp 11/30/19

Loreal $1.50 off Paris El Vive Treatment or Rapid Reviver Product excludes 1oz Treatment Travel/Trial, exp 11/30/19

Maybelline $2 off New York Mascara Product excludes mini and trial, exp 12/14/19

source: insert insanity

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coupons may vary by region

Afrin $3 off Product, exp 11/24/19

Air Wick FREE Scented Oil Warmer up to $1.50, exp 12/01/19

Air Wick $1.25 off Scented Oil Twin Refill, exp 12/15/19

Air Wick $3 off Essential Mist Starter Kit, exp 12/15/19

Aleve $4 off 40ct + or Aleve PM, exp 11/24/19

Biore $2 off Cleanser excludes Dollar General and trial/travel, exp 12/31/19

Biore $1 off Strip Product excludes Dollar General and trial/travel, exp 12/31/19

Bob Evans $1/2 Refrigerated Side Dishes, exp 1/17/20

Capzasin $2 off Capzasin Product, exp 11/30/19

Claritin $9 off Non-Drowsy Liquid Gels 60ct or Tablets 70ct +, exp 11/24/19

Claritin $4 off Non-Drowsy 30ct+, exp 12/15/19

Claritin $8 off Non-Drowsy Claritin D 15ct+, exp 11/24/19

Curel $1.50 off Moisturizer 13oz+ ets, exp 12/29/19

Curel $3 off Hrdra Therapy or Dry Skin Moisturizer ets, exp 12/29/19

Delsym $2 off 12 hour adult product, exp 12/22/19

Delsym $2 off Cough and Adult Product, exp 12/22/19

Delsym $2 off Children’s Product, exp 12/22/19

Dole $.75/3 Canned Fruit, exp 1/12/19

Dole $.75/3 Canned Fruit, exp 3/8/19

Dr. Scholls $8/2 insoldes $7.95+, exp 12/1/19

Dr. Scholls $2 off Wart, Corn, Callus, Bunion or Blister Product, exp 12/1/19

Eggland’s Best $.50 off Organic Eggs, exp 2/17/19

Eggland’s Best $.35 off Hard Cooked and Peeled Eggs or Cage Free or Organic Hard Cooked and Peeled Eggs, exp 2/17/19

Eggland’s Best $.50 off Cage Free Eggs, exp 2/17/19

Eggland’s Best $.50 off Eggs, exp 2/17/19

Farm Rich $1 off Meatballs 26oz+, exp 1/25/19

Fiber One $.50/3 boxes Fiber One or Protein One Snack Product, exp 1/11/19

Finish $1 off Quantum, exp 12/15/19

Finish $1 off Max in 1, exp 12/15/19

Finish $1 off Jet Dry Rinse Aid, exp 12/14/19

Finish $1 off Liquid or In-Wash Machine Cleaner, exp 12/15/19

Fisher $.55 off Recipe Nut Item any variety 10oz+, exp 12/7/19

Florida Crystals $.75 off Raw Cane Sugars or Demerara Sugar Products, exp 1/12/19

Florida Crystals $1 off Organic Brown or Organic Powdered Raw Cane Sugar Products, exp 1/12/19

Icy Hot $1 off Icy Hot, Aspercreme, Capzasin, Sportscreme, Arthritis Hot or Flexall Product, exp 11/30/19

Jergens $4/2 Body Butters 5oz+, exp 12/14/19

Kinder Joy $1/2 Single Eggs $.7oz, exp 1/10/20

Kinder Joy $1 off Holiday Multipack 2.8oz+, exp 1/10/20

King Arthur $1 off Flour excluding organics and gluten-free, exp 12/31/19

King Arthur $1.50 off 2lb or 5lb bag organic flour, exp 12/31/19

King Arthur $1.50 off bag gluten-free flour, exp 12/31/19

Miralax $5 off product 20ct +, exp 11/24/19

Mt. Olive $.55 off Pouch of Munchies, exp 1/15/19

Mucinex $2 off Product, exp 12/22/19

Mucinex $2 off Cold and Flu Product, exp 12/22/19

Palmolive $.25 off Ultra Dish Liquid, exp 11/30/19

Phillips $5 off Colon Health Product, exp 11/24/19

Pillsbury $1/3 Refrigerated Baked Goods Products Pillsbury $.50/2 Cake Mixes, exp 12/31/19

Pillsbury $.50 off Cake Mix and ONE Pillsbury Frosting, exp 12/31/19

Red Gold $.60/3 Sacramento, Red Pack and/or Huy Fong Tomato Products 10oz+, exp 12/31/19

Refresh $5 off Relieva Product, exp 1/4/19

Refresh $3/2 P.M. or Lacri-Lube Products, exp 1/4/19

Refresh $3/2 Products any size any variety, exp 1/4/19

Russell Stover $1/2 Box 4oz+, exp 12/31/19

Sara Lee $.55 off Sweet Goods Product, exp 1/6/19

Splenda $1.50 off Sweetener Product, exp 12/31/19

Splenda $1.50 off Stevia Sweetener Product, exp 12/31/19

Texas Pete $1/2 12oz or larger products, exp 2/12/19

Tropicana $1 off 52oz Pure Premium Bottle, exp 1/12/19

Trubiotics $5 off Product, exp 11/24/19

Viva $.75 off 6 pack or larger paper towels, exp 12/15/19

White Castle $.75 off Sliders 4 or 6ct, exp 2/29/19

White Castle $1.25 off Sliders 16, 24 or 32ct, exp 2/29/19

White Castle $2 off 10 pack of any Sliders RESTAURANT ONLY, exp 12/31/19

Wonderful $.50 off Halos 2lbs +, exp 12/17/19

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