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4 Way $2 off fast acting nasal spray (exp 1/6)

Barilla $1 off sauce jar (exp 2/3)

Barilla $1/4 blue box pasta (exp 2/3)

Celentano $1 off frozen pasta, meatball, or entrée product dnd (exp 3/9)

Crest $1 off toothpaste or liquid gel 3oz+ excluding 4.6oz cavity, baking soda, tartar control, and kids Crest $5 off 3d white whitestrips, glamorous white, 1 hr express, professional effects, flexfit, gentle routine, monthly whitening boost, vivid, or whitestrips with light excluding noticeably white and trial (exp 12/22)

Eucerin $2 off body 8oz+ or baby product ets (exp 1/5)

Eucerin $2/2 body lotion 2oz-6.8oz excluding baby (exp 1/5)

Eucerin $3 off original healing crème 16oz+, or advanced repair crème 16oz (exp 1/5)

Garnier $2 off nutrisse or olia haircolor (exp 1/5)

Garnier Fructis $3/2 shampoo, conditioner, treatment, or styling product ets (exp 12/22)

Garnier SkinActive $2 off product ets and masks (exp 1/5)

Garnier Whole Blends $2 off shampoo, conditioner, or treatment ets (exp 12/22)

Jimmy Dean $1/2 items (exp 1/6)

Jimmy Dean $1/2 refrigerated items (exp 1/6)

L’Oreal $1 off cleanser product or pure-clay masks ets (exp 1/5)

L’Oreal $1 off magic root cover up spray (exp 1/5)

L’Oreal $2 off skincare product ets (exp 1/5)

L’Oreal $2 off superior preference, excellence, or age perfect haircolor product (exp 1/5)

L’Oreal $3/2 elvive or hair expert hair expert hair care shampoo, conditioner, or treatment product excluding 1oz and 3oz (exp 12/22)

L’Oreal $5/2 superior preference, excellence, or age perfect haircolor products (exp 1/5)

Maille $1 off product (exp 1/6)

Mars $1/2 chocolate holiday bags 3oz+ dnd (exp 12/25)

Nexium 24HR $2 off product (exp 2/3)

Nexium 24HR $5 off 28ct or 42ct product (exp 12/23)

Nivea $1.50 off body lotion, in-shower body lotion, or crème product ets (exp 12/22)

Nivea $2/2 lip care products (exp 12/22)

Nivea $4/2 body lotion, in-shower body lotion, or crème product ets (exp 12/22)

Oral-B $2 off adult battery toothbrush (exp 12/22)

Oral-B $5 off replacement brush heads 3ct+ (exp 12/22)

Oral-B $5 off vitality or pro series 500, 1000, 2500, 3000, 5000, 6000, 7000, or 8000 rechargeable electric toothbrush (exp 12/22)

Quilted Northern $.50 off bath tissue, 6+ double roll (exp 1/9)

Rosina $1 off frozen meatball product dnd (exp 3/9)

Theraflu $1 off product (exp 1/5)

Theraflu $2 off powerpods, powders 12ct, syrups twin pack, or caplets 40ct product (exp 1/5)

Triaminic $1 off product (exp 1/5)

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clipped coupons & whole inserts available from the coupon clippers
coupons may vary by region

Airborne $1 off product (exp 3/9)

Airborne Plus $1 off beta-immune booster or probiotic product (exp 3/9)

Aleve $3 off regular, back & muscle pain, or pm 40ct+ excluding d products (exp 12/16)

Alka-Seltzer $1 off heartburn relief gummies or reliefchews product (exp 12/31)

Allegra-D $4 off allergy & congestion product (exp 12/29)

Covergirl $2 off lip product excluding accessories and trial (exp 1/5)

Covergirl $3 off eye product excluding 1-kit shadows, accessories, and trial (exp 1/5)

Covergirl $3 off face product excluding cheekers, accessories, and trial (exp 1/5)

Curel $1.50 off moisturizer 6oz+ (exp 1/20)

Curel $3 off hydra therapy wet skin moisturizer 8oz or 12oz (exp 1/20)

Delsym $3 off 12 hour adult product (exp 1/20)

Delsym $3 off children’s product (exp 1/20)

Delsym $3 off cough+ adult product (exp 1/20)

Depend $2 off product 8ct+ (exp 1/5)

Duracell $1 off coppertop aa/aaa 8pk, c/d 4pk, 9v 2pk+ (exp 1/5)

Fiora $,55.1 product 6pk+ (exp 2/28)

Fiora $.55 off product 6pk+ (exp 2/28)

Galbani $1 off thick sliced cheese item 8oz+ dnd (exp 2/28)

Hungry Jack $.50 off pancake mix or syrup 20oz+ (exp 1/9)

Java House B1G1 free cold brew coffee liquid pods 6ct or 12ct up to $8.99/$14.99 (exp 3/31)

Jergens $1.50 off moisturizer 8oz+ excluding wet skin and soap (exp 1/7)

Jergens $3 off wet skin moisturizer 10oz+ (exp 1/7)

Kikkoman $.55 off panko bread crumbs dnd (exp 3/31)

KY $2 off product (exp 12/23)

KY $5 off yours and mine, intense, or love passion product (exp 12/23)

Martha White $.50/2 muffin mix 7oz+ (exp 1/9)

Merci $1 off chocolates box dnd (exp 1/31)

Mucinex $2 off 12 hour (exp 1/20)

Mucinex $2 off children’s product (exp 1/20)

Mucinex $2 off product (exp 1/20)

Muir Glen $.50 off organic product (exp 2/2)

Pillsbury $.50/2 brownie or cake mix, frosting, or flour (exp 1/9)

Poise $2 off pads, liners, or impressa bladder supports excluding 14-26ct liners (exp 1/5)

Rachael Ray Nutrish $1.50/2 dog treats (exp 2/3)

Rachael Ray Nutrish $3 off 12oz + dog treats bag excluding 6ct soup bones (exp 2/3)

Spice Islands $1.25 off spice or seasoning (exp 2/28)

Tropicana Essentials $1.25 off 32oz probiotics 100% juice (exp 2/3)

Wonderful $.50 off halos 2lbs+ (exp 1/9)