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08/26/18 pg, rmn, + ss

procter & gamble
clipped coupons & whole inserts available from the coupon clippers
coupons may vary by region

Always $1 off radiant, infinity, pure & clean, ultra, or maxi pads 11ct+ (exp 9/22)

Always Discreet $2 off incontinence liner (exp 9/22)

Always Discreet $3 off incontinence pad, underwear, or boutique underwear (exp 9/22)

Bounty $.25 off paper towel product excluding napkins (exp 9/8)

Cascade $.50 off dishwasher detergent, rinse aid, or dishwasher cleaner (exp 9/80 Febreze B1G1 free plug scented oil warmer up to $3 (exp 9/22)

Charmin $.25 off flushable wipes excluding 10ct (exp 9/8)

Charmin $.25 off toilet paper product excluding single rolls (exp 9/8)

Crest $.50 off kids mouthwash 458ml+ (exp 9/8)

Crest $.50 off kids toothpaste 4.2oz+ (exp 9/8)

Crest $1 off mouthwash 473ml/16oz+ (exp 9/8)

Crest $1 off toothpaste or liquid gel 3oz+ excluding 4.6oz cavity, baking soda, tartar control/protection, and kids (exp 9/8)

Crest $5 off 3d white whitestrips: glamorous white, 1hr express, professional effects, flexfit, gentle routine, monthly whitening boost, vivid, or whitestrips with light excluding noticeably white (exp 9/8)

Dawn Ultra $1.50 off 34.6oz+ excluding simply clean (exp 9/8)

Dawn Ultra $1 off 20.6oz, 24oz, or 28oz excluding simply clean (exp 9/8)

Downy/Bounce $1 off downy liquid fabric conditioner 40 load+, bounce/downy sheets 60ct+, or in wash scent boosters 4.9oz+ excluding libre enjuage and gain fireworks (exp 9/29)

Dreft $2 off newborn or active baby detergent (exp 9/29)

Febreze B1G1 free product excluding plug up to $3 (exp 9/22)

Fixodent $1 off adhesive 1.4oz+ (exp 9/22)

Fixodent $2.50 off adhesive twin or triple pack 1.4oz+ (exp 9/22)

Gain $.50 off dishwashing liquid product 21.6oz+ (exp 9/8)

Gain $3/3 detergents or fabric enhancers excluding flings 9ct or less and dryer sheets 40ct or less (exp 9/29)

Gillette $1 off antiperspirant/deodorant (exp 9/8)

Gillette $1 off gillette3 or gillette5 razor (exp 9/22)

Gillette $2 off razor excluding gillette3, gillette5, and disposables (exp 9/22)

Gillette $3 off disposable 2ct+ excluding sensor 2ct (exp 9/22)

Head & Shoulders $3/2 products 380ml/12.8oz+ or clinical solutions (exp 9/8)

Herbal Essences bio:renew $3/2 shampoo, conditioner, or styling products excluding 100ml (exp 9/8)

Luvs $2/2 bags or 1 box diapers (exp 9/8)

Metamucil $1 off fiber supplement product (exp 9/22)

Mr. Clean $1 off product (exp 9/29)

Mr. Clean $2 off mop or broom (exp 9/30)

Olay $1 off bar soap 4ct+, body wash, in-shower body lotion, or hand and body lotion (exp 9/8)

Olay $2 off whip foaming body wash (exp 9/22)

Old Spice $1 off 2-in-1 or styling product (exp 9/8)

Old Spice $1 off antiperspirant/deodorant (exp 9/8)

Old Spice $1 off body wash or bar soap (exp 9/8)

Old Spice $2 off foam body wash (exp 9/22)

Oral-B $.50 off kids battery toothbrush (exp 9/8)

Oral-B $.50 off kids manual toothbrush (exp 9/8)

Oral-B $1 off adult manual toothbrush excluding kids, healthy clean, and cavity defense (exp 9/8)

Pampers $1 off aqua pure wipes 56ct+ (exp 9/8)

Pampers $3 off diapers or easy ups training underwear (exp 9/8)

Pampers $4 off box or 2 bags easy ups training underwear or underjams absorbent night wear (exp 9/8)

Pampers $5 off box or 2 bags pure diapers (exp 9/8)

Pantene $1 off gold series or expert product (exp 9/8)

Pantene $1 off product (exp 9/8)

Pantene $5/3 products (exp 9/8)

Pantene Buy 1 shampoo 12.6oz+, get 1 3 minute miracle or foam conditioner up to $5.99 (exp 9/8)

Prilosec OTC $1 off product 14ct+ (exp 9/22)

Prilosec OTC $3 off product 28ct+ (exp 9/22)

Puffs $.25 off facial tissues excluding to go singles (exp 9/8)

Secret $.50 off outlast 2.6oz+ (exp 9/8)

Secret/Gillette $1 off clinical 1.6oz+ (exp 9/8)

Tampax $1 off pearl, radiant, or pure & clean tampons 16ct+ (exp 9/22)

Tide $1 off rescue 18ct+ (exp 9/29)

Tide $2 off detergent excluding pods, rescue, simply, simply pods, and detergent 10oz (exp 9/29)

Tide $2 off pods excluding simply and 9ct or less (exp 9/29)

Venus $3 off razor, bikini precision, or face perfection excluding disposables (exp 9/22)

Venus $5 off refill pack 4ct+ (exp 9/22)

Venus/Daisy $3 off disposable 2ct+ excluding daisy 2ct (exp 9/22)

Vicks $1 off product excluding 8ct Nyquil & dayquil, vapocool drops, zzzquil, and pure zzzs (exp 9/8)

Vicks $3/2 product excluding 8ct Nyquil & dayquil, vapocool drops, zzzquil, and pure zzzs (exp 9/8)

ZzzQuil/PURE Zzzs $1 off product (exp 9/8)

retail me not everyday (previously known as redplum)
clipped coupons & whole inserts available from the coupon clippers
coupons may vary by region

All $1 off product ets (exp 9/11)

Best Foods Buy 1 mayonnaise jar 24oz+ or squeeze 11.5oz+, get 1 real ketchup 14oz free up to $2.99 (exp 9/23)

Degree Men $1 off advanced protection, ultraclear, motionsense stick, dry spray, or clinical protection antiperspirant deodorant excluding twin packs and trial (exp 9/22)

Degree Men $2 off advanced protection, ultraclear, or motionsense antiperspirant deodorant stick twin pack ets (exp 9/22)

Degree Women $1.50 off motionsense dry spray antiperspirant or clinical protection deodorant product excluding twin packs and trial (exp 9/22)

Degree Women $1 off motion sense or ultraclear antiperspirant deodorant excluding twin packs and trial (exp 9/22)

Emergen-C $4 off probiotics+ 30ct (exp 9/23)

Garnier Fructis $4/2 shampoo, conditioner, treatment, or styling products ets (exp 9/8)

L’Oreal $3 off ever haircare product excluding 3oz and sheet masks (exp 9/22)

Libby’s $1/2 vegetable cups 4oz 4pk (exp 9/30)

Libby’s $1/3 fruit products 14.5-15.25oz cans excluding tropical fruits (exp 9/30)

Libby’s $1/4 vegetable products 14-15.25oz cans or pouches (exp 9/30)

Mars $1/2 chocolate harvest bags dnd (exp 10/31)

Nexium 24HR $2 off product (exp 10/21)

Nexium 24HR $5 off 28ct or 42ct product (exp 9/9)

PROcure $1.50 off bruise remedy or Epsom salt rub (exp 11/30)

PROcure $2 off hydrocortisone cream (exp 11/30)

Profoot $1.50 off product except corn, callus & bunion products (exp 11/30)

Profoot $2 off insoles or inserts (exp 11/30)

Quaker $1 off sandwich minis (exp 10/7)

SheaMoisture $2 off bath & body item excluding single use packets and trial (exp 11/30)

SheaMoisture $2 off hair care item excluding single use packets and trial (exp 11/30)

SheaMoisture $3 off facial care item excluding single use packets and trial (exp 11/30)

Suave Kids $1 off hair care product ets (exp 9/8)

Uncle Ben’s $1/4 rice products (exp 10/21)

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clipped coupons & whole inserts available from the coupon clippers
coupons may vary by region

ACT $1/1 dry mouth product ets (exp 9/22)

ACT $1/1 kids product ets (exp 9/22)

ACT $1/1 product ets (exp 9/22)

Allegra $5/1 24ct+ (exp 9/8)

Allegra-D $5/1 allergy & congestion (exp 9/8)

Aspercreme $1/1 product excluding 1ct patches and 1.25-1.75oz creams (exp 9/26)

BIC $1/1 stationery product (exp 9/9)

BIC $1/1 velocity mechanical pencil product (exp 9/9)

Blue Diamond $1/1 nut-thins crackers (exp 10/28)

Capzasin $2/1 product (exp 9/26)

Cheerios $.75/2 any variety (exp 10/6)

Clairol $3/1 age defy, vidal sassoon, or natural instincts crema keratina hair color (exp 9/8)

Clairol B1G1 free hair color up to $6.99 excluding color crave, temporary root touch-up, age defy, balsam, and textures & tones (exp 9/8)

Colgate $1/1 adult or kids battery powered toothbrush (exp 9/8)

Colgate $2/1 360 twin pack or multi-pack manual toothbrushes excluding free product packs (exp 9/1)

Colgate $2/1 total, optic white, enamel health, or sensitive toothpaste 3oz+ (exp 9/8)

Cortizone 10 $1/1 item 1oz+ (exp 11/26)

Covergirl $2/1 lash blast mascara excluding accessories and trial (exp 9/23)

Covergirl + Olay $3/1 product excluding accessories and trial (exp 9/23)

Depend $3/1 product 8ct+ (exp 9/29)

Ensure $2/2 multipacks (exp 10/21)

Fiber One $.50/2 products (exp 10/20)

Florida Crystals $1/1 organic sugar in a flip-top canister or liquid sugar (exp 11/18)

Florida Crystals $1/1 raw cane, organic, or demerara sugar product (exp 11/18)

Galbani $1.50/1 snack cheese item 6oz+ (exp 10/31)

General Mills $.75/2 lucky charms, lucky charms frosted flakes, reese’s puffs, cinnamon toast crunch, French toast crunch, apple cinnamon toast crunch, cocoa puffs, trix, cookie crisp, golden grahams, kix, and peanut butter blasted shreds (exp 10/6)

Gold Bond $1/1 first aid item (exp 11/26)

Hydroxycut $5/1 product $17.88+ excluding lean protein shakes, lean protein bars, and drops (exp 10/31)

Icy Hot $1/1 product excluding 1ct patches and 1.25-1.75oz creams (exp 9/26)

Icy Hot $5/1 smart relief starter pack (exp 9/26)

Jack Link’s $1.50/2 2.5oz+ bags (exp 12/31)

Jack Link’s $1/1 3.5oz stick multipack (exp 12/31)

Ken’s $.75/1 dressing 16oz+ (exp 9/30)

Ken’s $1/1 simply vinaigrette (exp 9/30)

Kikkoman $.55/1 product 10oz+ dnd (exp 11/30)

Kikkoman $1/1 teriyaki takumi dnd (exp 11/30)

Lime-A-Way $.75/1 product (exp 10/26)

Mott’s $.50/1 fruit flavored snacks or fruity rolls (exp 10/20)

Nasacort $5/1 120 spray (exp 9/8)

Nasacort $8/1 240 spray (exp 9/8)

Natrol $2/1 gummies (exp 10/27)

Natrol $2/1 product (exp 10/27)

OxiClean $.50/1 pre-treater (exp 9/26)

OxiClean $1/1 in-wash stain fighter (exp 9/26)

OxiClean $1/1 washing machine cleaner (exp 9/26)

OxiClean $1/1 white revive laundry whitener+stain remover (exp 9/26)

OxiClean $2/1 laundry detergent (exp 9/26)

Palmolive $.50/1 ultra dish liquid 20oz+ (exp 9/8)

PediaSure $7/2 multipacks (exp 9/23)

Poise $3/1 pads, liners, or impressa bladder supports excluding 14-26ct liners (exp 9/29)

Protein One $.50/1 90 calorie bars (exp 10/20)

Purina Beggin’ $3/1 17oz+ package (exp 11/26)

Ragu $1/2 pasta sauces 16oz+ (exp 9/23)

Ragu Simply $.75/1 pasta sauce 24oz (exp 9/23)

RID-X $.50/1 product (exp 10/26)

RID-X $.75/1 product (exp 9/26)

Tree Top $.50/1 apple sauce pouches 4pk or 12pk (exp 10/6)

White Castle $1/1 breakfast, veggie, or black bean microwaveable sliders 4pk (exp 10/21)

White Castle $1/1 hamburger or cheeseburger microwaveable sliders 16pk+ (exp 10/21)

XYZAL $3/1 10ct or children’s 5oz (exp 9/15)

XYZAL $5/1 35ct or 55ct (exp 9/15)

XYZAL $8/1 80ct (exp 9/8)

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