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Align $2 off probiotic supplement (exp 6/16)

Always $1 off radiant or infinity pads or pure & clean pads 11ct+ excluding discreet (exp 6/16)

Always $2 off discreet incontinence liner or pad (exp 6/16)

Always $2 off discreet underwear (exp 6/16)

Always $3 off discreet incontinence ultimate long/extra heavy long pad 27ct, 28ct, or 45ct (exp 6/16)

Bounty $.25 off product (exp 6/30)

Bounty/Charmin $.50 off bounty basics or bounty/charmin essentials excluding single rolls (exp 6/16)

Braun $5 off product excluding mobile shaver, bikini trimmer, precision trimmer, ear & nose trimmer, face refills, replacement heads, and clean & renew refills (exp 6/16)

Charmin $.25 off toilet paper product or freshmates excluding single roll (exp 6/30)

Crest $1 off mouthwash 473ml(exp 16oz)

+ (exp 6/16)

Crest $1 off toothpaste, liquid gel, or kids toothpaste 3oz+ excluding 4.6oz cavity, baking soda, tartar control/protection, doc mcstuffins, cars, and princesses (exp 6/16)

Downy/Bounce/Dreft/Gain $1 off downy liquid fabric conditioner 48 load+, bounce or downy sheets 70ct+, or in wash scent boosters 6.5oz+ excluding downy libre enjuage (exp 6/30)

Dreft $2 off newborn or active baby detergent 50oz+ or purtouch detergent 40oz+ (exp 6/30)

Gillette $1 off antiperspirant/deodorant 1.6oz+ (exp 6/16)

Gillette/Venus $2 off razor excluding gillette3, gillette5 and disposables (exp 6/30)

Gillette/Venus/Daisy $3 off disposable 2ct+ excluding sensor2 2ct and daisy 2ct (exp 6/30)

Head & Shoulders $2/2 products 380ml/12.8oz+ or clinical solutions (exp 6/16)

Head & Shoulders $3 off clinical solutions product 125ml/4.2oz+ (exp 6/16)

Herbal Essences $4/2 bio:renew shampoo, conditioner, or styling products (exp 6/16)

Luvs $1.50 off diapers (exp 6/16)

Olay $1 off bar soap 4ct+ or body wash excluding 1 bar (exp 6/16)

Old Spice $1 off 2-in-1 or styling product (exp 6/16)

Old Spice $1/2 products (exp 6/16)

Oral-B $1 off adult or kids manual toothbrush excluding healthy clean and cavity defense (exp 6/16)

Oral-B $2 off adult battery toothbrush (exp 6/16)

Oral-B $3 off replacement brush heads 3ct+ (exp 6/16)

Oral-B $5 off vitality or pro series 500, 1000, 2500, 3000, 3500, 5000, 5500, 6000, 7000 or 8000 rechargeable electric toothbrush (exp 6/16)

Pampers $2 off splashers swim diapers (exp 6/16)

Pampers $3/2 bags or 1 box diapers or easy-ups training underwear (exp 6/16)

Pampers $4 off box or 2 bags easy ups training underwear or underjams absorbent night wear (exp 6/16)

Pantene $1.50 off styler or treatment product (exp 6/16)

Pantene $1 off expert or gold series product (exp 6/16)

Pantene $2/2 products excluding shampoo and conditioner 6.7oz and 7.9oz (exp 6/16)

Pantene $5/3 products excluding shampoo and conditioner 6.7oz and 7.9oz (exp 6/16)

Pepto-Bismol $1/2 products (exp 6/30)

Prilosec OTC $1 off product (exp 6/30)

Puffs $.25 off facial tissue excluding to go singles (exp 6/30)

Secret $2 off clinical 1.6oz+ (exp 6/16)

Secret $2/2 outlast, fresh, active, or invisible spray 2.6oz+ excluding freshies (exp 6/16)

Swiffer $.50 off refill, wetjet solution, or dust and shine excluding steamboost refills (exp 6/16)

Swiffer $1.50/2 refills, wetjet solution, or dust and shine excluding steamboost refills (exp 6/16)

Swiffer $2 off starter kid excluding 360 duster starter kits 1 and 2ct (exp 6/16)

Tampax $1 off pearl or radiant tampons or pure & clean tampons 16ct+ (exp 6/16)

Tide $2 off detergent excluding pods 9ct, rescue, simply and detergent 10oz (exp 6/30)

Tide $2 off pods excluding 9ct and simply (exp 6/30)

Venus $5 off refill pack 4ct+ (exp 6/30)

ZzzQuil $1 off product (exp 6/16)

clipped coupons & whole inserts available from the coupon clippers
coupons may vary by region

Advil $1 off 40ct+ or PM 20ct+ (exp 7/3)

Advil $2 off 80ct+ (exp 6/10)

Advil Migraine $2 off 20ct+ (exp 7/3)

Advil PM $2 off 40ct+ (exp 6/10)

All $1 off product ets (exp 7/1)

All/Snuggle $2/2 products ets (exp 7/1)

Angel Soft $.50 off bath tissue, 4+ double rolls (exp 7/3)

Angel Soft $1 off bath tissue, 12+ rolls or 6+ mega rolls (exp 7/3)

AZO $5 off complete feminine balance daily probiotic (exp 8/31)

Band-Aid $.50 off sheer, clear, plastic, or decorated (exp 7/28)

Band-Aid $1 off hydro seal adhesive bandage product (exp 7/28)

Band-Aid $1 off skin-flex, tough-strips, flexible fabric, antibiotic, or water block (exp 7/28)

Brawny $.55 off paper towels 2+ rolls (exp 7/3)

Garnier $2 off skinactive product excluding trial and masks (exp 6/30)

Neosporin $1 off first aid product (exp 7/28)

Newman’s Own $1 off organics 9oz or 12oz salad dressing (exp 6/30)

Newman’s Own $1 off salad dressing (exp 6/30)

Perrier $1 off 10pk cans or 6pk .5l bottles (exp 8/2)

Renuzit $.75 off adjustables multipack 3pk+ (exp 6/17)

Renuzit $2/2 pearl scents air freshener (exp 6/17)

Renuzit B3G1 free adjustables air freshener cones up to $1.10 (exp 6/17)

Sanpellegrino $1 off fruit beverage 6pk cans (exp 8/2)

Schwarzkopf $3 off hair color product (exp 6/24)

Schwarzkopf $4/2 gliss hair repair products (exp 6/24)

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clipped coupons & whole inserts available from the coupon clippers
coupons may vary by region

Air Wick $1.50 off essential mist refill (exp 7/1)

Air Wick $1.50 off freshmatic ultra refill (exp 7/1)

Air Wick $1 off scented oil twin or triple refill (exp 7/1)

Amope $10 off pedi perfect pro pack (exp 6/17)

Amope $5 off refill (exp 6/17)

Ban $1.50 off roll-on antiperspirant deodorant ets (exp 7/7)

Ban $1/2 solid antiperspirant deodorant (exp 7/7)

Cheerios $.75/2 boxes any flavor (exp 7/14)

Clairol $3 off age defy, vidal sassoon, or natural instincts crema keratina kair color ets (exp 6/16)

Clairol B1G1 free hair color excluding color crave, temporary root touch-up, age defy, balsam, and textures & tones (exp 6/16)

Claritin $4 off 30ct+ (exp 7/1)

Claritin $6 off 45ct+ (exp 6/10)

Claritin Children’s $4 off 8oz or 20ct+ (exp 7/1)

Claritin-D $4 off 15ct+ (exp 7/1)

Colgate $1 off 360 or floss-tip manual toothbrush excluding plus, triple action, extra clean, and classic clean (exp 6/16)

Colgate $1 off mouthwash or mouth rinse 200ml+ (exp 6/16)

Colgate $1 off total, optic white, enamel health or sensitive toothpaste 3oz+ (exp 6/16)

Cortizone 10 $1 off item 1oz+ (exp 9/4)

(exp 2 coupons)

Covergirl $2 off eye product excluding 1-kit shadows, accessories and trial (exp 6/23)

Covergirl $2 off face product excluding cg+olay, cheekers, accessories, and trial (exp 6/23)

Covergirl $2 off lash blast mascara excluding accessories and trial (exp 6/23)

Covergirl+Olay $3 off product excluding accessories and trial (exp 6/23)

CVS Health $3 off 42ct omeprazole orally disintegrating tablets (exp 7/14)

Depend $5/2 packages 8ct+ (exp 6/23)

Duracell $1 off coppertop aa/aaa 8pk, c/d 4pk, 9v 2pk or larger (exp 6/30)

Ensure $2/2 multipacks (exp 7/29)

Ensure $4 off max protein 4pk (exp 7/29)

Finish $.75 off jet-dry rinse aid (exp 7/3)

Finish $.75 off max in 1 automatic dishwasher detergent (exp 7/3)

Finish $.75 off quantum automatic dishwasher detergent (exp 7/3)

Florida Crystals $1 off organic sugar in a flip-top canister or liquid sugar (exp 8/11)

Florida Crystals $1 off raw cane, organic or demerara sugar product (exp 8/11)

Garnier Fructis $3/2 shampoo, conditioner, treatment, or style excluding 2-3oz (exp 6/16)

General Mills $.75/2 lucky charms, lucky charms frosted flakes, reese’s puffs, cinnamon toast crunch, French toast crunch, apple cinnamon toast crunch, cocoa puffs, trix, cookie crisp, golden grahams, kix, or blasted shreds (exp 7/14)

Gold Bond $1.50 off eczema relief, rough & bumpy, diabetic’s dry skin relief, strength & resilience 13oz, dark spot, neck & chest, or psoriasis excluding hand creams and 1oz (exp 7/28)

Gold Bond $1.50 off foot care product (exp 9/4)

Gold Bond $1.50 off lotion 13oz+ excluding 1oz (exp 7/28)

Gold Bond $1 off first aid product including friction defense (exp 9/4)

Gold Bond $1 off foot cream product (exp 9/4)

Gold Bond $1 off lotion 2.4-8oz (exp 7/28)

Gold Bond $1 off men’s essential powder items excluding 1oz or smaller (exp 9/4)

Gold Bond $1 off powder excluding 1oz or smaller (exp 9/4)

Gold Bond $3/2 first aid items including friction defense (exp 9/4)

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters $1.50 off 10oz or 12oz bagged coffee or 1 10ct+ k-cup pods (exp 7/31)

Icy Hot Smart Relief $5 off pain therapy excluding refill (exp 7/3)

Icy Hot/Aspercreme/Capzasin/Sportscreme/Arthritis Hot/Flexall $1 off product excluding 1ct patches and 1.25-1/75oz creams (exp 7/3)

Natrol $2 off gummies (exp 8/4)

Natrol $2 off product excluding cognium (exp 8/4)

Nature Valley $.50/2 5ct+ granola bars, biscuits, granola cups, layered granola bars, soft-baked filled squares, or peanut or almond butter granola bites (exp 7/28)

Oroweat $.55 off organic bread dnd (exp 7/29)

Poise $5/2 pads, liners or impressa bladder supports excluding liners 14-26ct (exp 6/23)

Rachael Ray Nutrish $2 off 3lb+ dry cat food bag (exp 7/29)

Rachael Ray Nutrish B3G1 free wet cat food cups up to $1.29 (exp 7/29)

Sally Hansen $1 off insta-dri or nail care product (exp 7/310 Schick $1 off hydro sense shave cream excluding 2oz (exp 6/24)

Schick $3 off hydro 5 or hydro silk disposable razor pack (exp 6/24)

Schick $5 off hydro razor or refill (exp 6/24)

Teddy Grahams $.75/2 packages 10oz+ (exp 7/14)

Tully’s $1.50 off 12oz bagged coffee or 12ct+ k-cup pods (exp 7/31)

Valley Fresh $1/2 products (exp 7/30)

Veet $1 off cold wax strip or gel cream (exp 6/17)

Welch’s $.50 off fruit rolls or fruit ‘n yogurt snacks 8oz bag or 6ct+ box (exp 7/14)

Welch’s $1/2 fruit snacks 8oz+ bag or 8ct+ box (exp 7/14)