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04/15/18 rp + ss

coupons may vary by region

Dove $.75 off beauty bar 4pk+ (exp 4/29)

Dove $1.50 off dry shampoo product ets (exp 4/29)

Dove $1 off body wash 22oz+ (exp 4/29)

Dove $2 off dermacare product ets (exp 4/29)

Dove $2 off exfoliating body polish 10.5oz (exp 4/29)

Dove $2/2 hair care products ets (exp 4/29)

Dove Men+Care $1.50 off hair care product ets (exp 4/28)

Dove Men+Care $2 off dermacare product ets (exp 4/28)

Gillette $1 off gillette3 or gillette5 razor (exp 5/12)

McCormick $.75 off good morning breakfast product (exp 5/20)

Milk-Bone $1 off puffs product (exp 6/10)

Skittles/Starburst $.75 off sweet heat product 7.2-14oz dnd (exp 7/8)

Sparkle $.70 off paper towels, 2+ giant rolls (exp 5/15)

Sparkle $1 off paper towels 6+ rolls (exp 5/15)

TRESemme $1 off styling product ets (exp 4/29)

TRESemme $3/2 pro collection shampoo or conditioner products ets (exp 4/29)

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coupons may vary by region

Airborne $2 off product (exp 7/15)

Allegra $4 off allergy 24hr 24ct+ (exp 4/28)

Allegra $4 off children’s allergy product (exp 4/28)

Allegra $8 off allergy 24hr 60ct or 70ct (exp 4/21)

Allegra-D $4 off product (exp 4/28)

Carefree $1 off product excluding 18, 20 and 22ct liners (exp 5/27)

Clairol $1 off color crave or specialty blonding collection ets (exp 4/28)

Clairol $2 off temporary root touch up ets (exp 4/28)

Clairol $3 off hair color excluding color crave, age defy, balsam, textures & tones and trial (exp 4/28)

Clearasil $1 off gentle prevention cleaner (exp 7/1)

Clearasil $2 off rapid rescue treatment (exp 7/1)

Clearasil $2 off stubborn acne control product (exp 7/1)

Colgate $.50 off adult or kids manual toothbrush excluding plus, extra clean or classic clean (exp 4/28)

Colgate $.50 off mouthwash or mouth rinse 200ml+ (exp 4/28)

Colgate $.50 off toothpaste 3oz+ (exp 4/28)

Colgate $1.50 off adult or kids battery powered toothbrush (exp 4/28)

Covergirl $1.50 off lip product excluding accessories and trial (exp 5/5)

Covergirl $2 off eye product excluding 1-kit shadows, accessories and trial (exp 5/5)

Covergirl $2 off face product excluding cg+olay, cheekers, accessories and trial (exp 5/5)

Digestive Advantage $2 off product (exp 7/15)

Finish $1 off max in 1 (exp 5/15)

Finish $1 off quantum (exp 5/15)

Finish $2 off dishwasher cleaner (exp 5/15)

Fungi-Nail $1 off item (exp 8/31)

Glade $1.50 off fine fragrance mist product (exp 5/27)

Glade $1.50 off plugins car product (exp 5/27)

Glade $1/2 candles or wax melts (exp 5/27)

Glade $2/2 large automatic spray products or plugins scented oil multi pack refills (exp 5/27)

Megared $2 off product (exp 7/15)

Move Free $2 off product (exp 7/15)

Nexcare $.55 off first aid tape (exp 8/15)

Nexcare $.55 off product (exp 8/15)

Oscar Mayer $1 off natural cold cuts product (exp 5/26)

Oscar Mayer $1/2 natural hot dogs products (exp 5/26)

Palmolive $.50 off ultra dish liquid 20oz+ (exp 4/28)

Playtex $1 off gentle glide tampon excluding 4ct and 8ct (exp 5/27)

Playtex $2 off sport tampon 14ct+ (exp 5/27)

SheaMoisture $1 off bar soap (exp 7/31)

SheaMoisture $2 off bath, body, or skin care item excluding bar soap, single use packets and trial (exp 7/31)

SheaMoisture $2 off hair care item excluding single use packets and trial (exp 7/31)

Stayfree $2/2 products excluding 10ct (exp 5/27)

Triscuit $1/2 crackers boxes 7.1oz+ (exp 5/16)

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