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All $1 off product ets (exp 4/7)

All/Snuggle $2/2 products ets (exp 4/7)

Aussie $2/2 shampoo, conditioner or styling products ets (exp 3/24)

Aussie $3/3 shampoo, conditioner or styling product ets (exp 3/24)

Dial $1/2 complete 2 in 1 bar soap, foaming hand wash, hand soap refills or bar soap 3pk+ (exp 4/1)

Dial Buy 1 body wash or bar soap 6pk+, get 1 complete foaming hand wash or small bar 2pk or 3pk up to $3.49 dnd (exp 4/1)

Herbal Essences $2/2 shampoo, conditioner or styling products excluding bio:renew and trial (exp 3/24)

Herbal Essences $3/3 shampoo, conditioner or styling products excluding bio:renew and trial (exp 3/24)

Johnson’s B1G1 free product, excluding 1-4oz, gift sets and petite planet up to $6.99 (exp 3/25)

Mars $1/2 easter m&m’s 3.5oz+, dove chocolate 4.5oz+, snickers & twix 4.5oz+, minis mix and variety mix bags for spring, or egg hunts 8oz+ dnd (exp 4/1)

OXY $1 off acne treatment (exp 4/15)

OXY $3/2 acne treatments (exp 4/15)

Paradontax $1 off product (exp 4/8)

Persil $2 off proclean laundry detergent excludes 6 loads or less (exp 4/7)

Purex $.50 off crystals in-wash fragrance booster 15.5oz+ (exp 4/11)

Purex $.50 off liquid or powder detergent (exp 4/7)

Renuzit $.50 off room freshener spray (exp 4/7)

Renuzit B3G1 free adjustables air freshener cones up to $1.10 (exp 4/7)

Right Guard/Dry Idea B2G1 free right guard xtreme or best dressed collection or dry idea antiperspirants and/or deodorants up to $5 (exp 3/25)

Rohto $1.50 off eye drops (exp 4/15)

Rohto $5 off dry-aid eye drops (exp 4/15)

Sensodyne $1 off pronamel toothpaste excluding .8oz (exp 4/8)

Skittles/Starburst/Hubba Bubba $.50/2 easter products dnd (exp 4/1)

Soft Scrub $.75 off 4-in-1 product (exp 4/7)

Soft Scrub $.75 off product 20oz+ (exp 4/7)

Sprayway $.75 off product 15oz+ (exp 7/31)

Starburst $1/2 jellybeans bags 10-14oz dnd (exp 4/1)

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coupons may vary by region

Allegra $4 off allergy 24hr 24ct+ (exp 3/24)

Allegra $4 off children’s allergy product (exp 3/24)

Allegra $4 off d allergy & congestion (exp 3/24)

Blink $3 off lid wipes or omega-3 fish oil supplement (exp 4/16)

Blink $3 off tears, tears preservative free, geltears, blink-n-clean, or contacts (exp 4/16)

Blink/Complete $3 off 10oz revitalens or 12oz complete (exp 4/16)

Blink/Complete $5 off 20oz revitalens or 24oz complete (exp 4/16)

C&H $.40 off organic 24oz or 32oz demerara sugar product (exp 5/31)

C&H $.40 off sugar product 2lbs+ (exp 5/31)

C&H $1 off organic blue agave nectar (exp 5/31)

C&H $1 off product in a flip-top canister (exp 5/31)

Clairol $2 off color crave or specialty blonding collection ets (exp 3/24)

Clairol $2 off temporary root touch ets (exp 3/24)

Clairol Buy 1 hair color, get $3 off 1 temporary root touch up box excluding color crave, age defy, textures& tones, balsam and trial (exp 3/24)

Colgate $.50 off toothpaste 3oz+ (exp 3/24)

Cottonelle $.75 off flushable cleansing cloths 42ct+ (exp 4/7)

Cottonelle $.75 off toilet paper 6+ rolls (exp 4/7)

Crunchmaster $1 off purchase (exp 6/10)

Eucerin $1 off body product 2.7-6.8oz (exp 3/24)

Eucerin $2 off baby product ets (exp 3/24)

Eucerin $2 off body product 8oz+ (exp 3/24)

Fiber One $.50/2 products (exp 5/5)

Firefly $.75 off lightup brushes dnd (exp 4/15)

Firefly $1 off 16oz pump rinse dnd (exp 4/15)

Firefly $1 off power toothbrush dnd (exp 4/15)

General Mills $.75/2 chex, multi grain cheerios, Wheaties, basic 4, raisin nut bran, oatmeal crisp, total or nature valley boxed cereal (exp 4/21)

Hormel $1/2 compleats products including dinty moore trays, xl products and sandwich makers trays (exp 5/7)

Hormel Natural Choice $.50 off bacon product (exp 5/7)

Hormel Natural Choice $.50 off deli sandwich meat (exp 5/7)

Hormel Natural Choice $.50 off snack product (exp 5/7)

Irish Spring $1 off body wash excludes 2.5oz trial (exp 3/24)

Irish Spring $1 off multi-soap 6pk+ (exp 3/24)

Kleenex $.75 off hand towels (exp 4/7)

Kleenex $.75/3 50ct+ boxes or 1 bundle pack ets (exp 4/7)

Natrol $2 off product (exp 5/12)

Natrol $5 off cognium (exp 5/12)

Nature Valley $.50 off layered granola bars (exp 5/5)

Nivea $2 off body lotion, in-shower body lotion, or cream product ets (exp 3/24)

Nivea $2 off crème or soft product excluding trial, body lotion and body wash (exp 3/24)

Nivea $4/2 body lotion, in-shower body lotion, or cream products ets (exp 3/24)

Revlon $3 off lip product excluding kiss balm (exp 3/25)

Schwarzkopf B1G1 free gliss hair repair (exp 4/1)

Scott $.75 off bath tissue 6+ rolls (exp 4/7)

Scott $.75 off towels 6+ rolls (exp 4/7)

Scott Naturals $.75 off flushable cleansing cloths (exp 4/7)

The Original Donut Shop $1 off coffee k-cup pods 10ct+ box (exp 5/11)

Tree Top $.75 off apple sauce pouches 4pk or 12pk (exp 4/21)

Valley Fresh $1/2 10oz products (exp 5/7)

Viva $.75 off regular or vantage paper towels 6ct+ (exp 4/7)

Wonderful $.50 off pistachios 5-8oz dnd (exp 5/11)

Wonderful $1 off pistachios 14oz+ dnd (exp 5/11)

Xenadrine $4 off product $17.88+ (exp 7/4)

Xyzal $2 off allergy 24hr 10ct or children’s 5oz (exp 3/24)

Xyzal $4 off allergy 24hr 35ct+ (exp 3/24)