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Air Wick $1.25 off scented oil twin or triple refill (exp 10/15)

Air Wick $1.50 off scented oil start kit (exp 10/15)

Air Wick $3 off freshmatic ultra starter kit (exp 10/15)

Airborne $2 off product (exp 12/17)

Ambi $1 off product excluding bar soap (exp 12/9)

Belvita $1/2 products 8.8oz+ (exp 10/28)

Crest $2 off toothpaste 3oz+ excluding baking soda, tartar control, kids and trial (exp 10/7)

Digestive Advantage $2 off product (exp 12/17)

Dreamfields $1/2 pasta (exp 11/18)

Dulco $2 off lax or ease 25ct+ or lax suppositories 4ct+ (exp 10/30)

Gerber $2/8 snacks or pouches (exp 10/31)

Gerber $3 off good start formula 22-26oz or soothe colic drops probiotic supplement (exp 10/31)

Infusium 23 $2 off shampoo, conditioner or 13oz leave in treatment (exp 10/15)

Irish Spring $.50 off bar soap 6pk+ (exp 9/30)

Irish Spring $1 off body wash ets (exp 9/30)

Kotex U $1 off fitness product excluding liners 14-22ct and trial (exp 10/14)

Kotex U $1 off pad or liners excluding liners 14-22ct and trial (exp 10/14)

Kotex U $1 off tampons or security tampons ets (exp 10/14)

MagniLife DB $3/1diabetics’ dry skin relief, pain relieving foot cream or antifungal foot cream (exp 10/15)

Megared $2 off product (exp 12/17)

Move Free $2 off product (exp 12/17)

Mucinex $2 off 12 hour product 14ct+ (exp 10/29)

Mucinex $2 off product (exp 10/29)

Olay Buy eyes, regenerist, luminous or total effects facial moisturizers, get 1 facial cleanser free ets up to $9.99 (exp 9/30)

Palmolive $.25 off ultra dish liquid 20oz+ (exp 9/30)

Palmolive $.50 off ultra dish liquid 32.5oz+ (exp 9/30)

Pert Plus $1 off 13.5oz+ product (exp 10/15)

Pert Plus $2 off 25.4oz+ product (exp 10/15)

Philips Sonicare $10 off 2 series plaque control, 3 series gum health or healthy white+ rechargeable toothbrush (exp 10/29)

Philips Sonicare $10 off airfloss or essence+ rechargeable toothbrush (exp 10/29)

Philips Sonicare $5 off brush head pack excluding powerup and eseries (exp 10/29)

Philips Sonicare $5 off for kids rechargeable toothbrush (exp 10/29)

Purina $2 off bella dry dog food (exp 11/17)

Purina $2/12 3.5oz trays or 1 12ct variety pack wet dog food (exp 11/17)

Purina B2G1 free 3.5oz wet dog food trays up to $.85 (exp 11/17)

Purina Pro Plan $5 off dry dog food (exp 12/20)

Purina Pro Plan B5G1 free wet dog food cans or tubs up to $2.99 (exp 12/20)

Schick $3 off disposable razor pack excludes 1ct, slim twin 2ct and 6ct (exp 10/8)

Softsoap $.50 off body wash 15oz+ (exp 9/30)

Softsoap $.50 off liquid hand soap pump 8oz+ or refill 28oz+ (exp 9/30)

Speed Stick $1 off men’s or lady antiperspirant/deodorant twin pack only (exp 10/7)

Speed Stick Lady $.50 off antiperspirant/deodorant 2.3oz+ (exp 10/7)

Speed Stick Men’s $.50 off antiperspirant/deodorant 2.7oz+ (exp 10/7)

Weber $1/2 seasoning products dnd (exp 10/31)

Zantac $4 off regular or duo fusion product 20ct+ (exp 10/30)

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