06/18/17 rp + ss

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Barilla $1 off ready pasta pouch (exp 8/13)

Betadine $2 off first aid spray, first aid solution or first aid skin cleanser (exp 9/30)

Crest $1 off toothpaste 3oz+ or liquid gel excluding cavity, baking soda, tartar control, kids and travel (exp 7/1)

Crest $5 off 3d white glamorous white, 1 hour express, professional effects, flexfit, gentle routine, monthly whitening boost or whitestrips with light ets (exp 7/1)

Dove $1 off beauty bar 4pk+ ets (exp 7/2)

Dove $1 off body wash 22oz+ or 1 shower foam 13.5oz (exp 7/2)

Gerber $1/4 regular or organic baby food excluding formula (exp 7/31)

Gerber $5 off good start formula 22-26oz or soothe colic drops probiotic supplement (exp 7/31)

Gillette $3 off razor or disposables 2ct+ excluding sensor 2 2ct and trial (exp 7/1)

L’Oreal $2 off excellence or excellence age perfect haircolor product (exp 7/15)

McCormick Grill Mates $.75 off 14oz beef frank (exp 8/31)

McCormick Grill Mates $.75 off 14oz sausage (exp 8/31)

Pantene $1 off 3 minute miracle deep conditioner ets (exp 7/1)

Pantene $1/2 products 6.7oz and trial (exp 7/1)

Pantene $3/2 expert collection products ets (exp 7/1)

Pentene $1 off hairspray ets (exp 7/1)

Purina Beneful $2 off dry dog food excluding grain free (exp 7/18)

Purina Beneful $3 off grain free dry dog food (exp 7/18)

Purina Beneful B3G1 10oz tubs or 3ct/3oz sleeves wet dog food up to $2.49 (exp 7/18)

Purina Beyond $2 off dry cat food (exp 9/30)

Purina Beyond $2 off dry dog food bag (exp 9/30)

Purina Beyond B3G1 free wet dog food can up to $2.49 (exp 9/30)

Purina Beyond B4G1 free wet cat food can up to $1.15 (exp 9/30)

Right Guard $1 off xtreme antiperspirant deodorant excluding sport (exp 7/2)

Right Guard $1 off xtreme precision dry spray excluding sport (exp 7/2)

Venus/Daisy $3 off venus razor or venus/daisy disposable razors 2ct+ excluding daisy 2ct and trial (exp 7/1)

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clipped coupons & whole inserts available from the coupon clippers
coupons may vary by region

Alberto V05 $.50 off 33oz large size only shampoo or conditioner dnd (exp 7/16)

Alberto V05 $.50/2 11-12.5oz shampoo or conditioner dnd (exp 7/16)

Bai $1/3 products 11.5oz, 18oz or 28.4oz (exp 8/31)

Blink $3 off lid wipes (exp 7/24)

Blink $3 off tears, tears preservative free, geltears drops, -n-clean lens drops or contacts eye drops (exp 7/24)

Blink/Complete $3 off 10oz blink revitalens or 12oz+ complete solution (exp 7/24)

Blink/Complete $5 off 20oz blink revitalens or 24oz+ complete solution (exp 7/24)

Blue Bunny $.50 off 26/28oz ice cream carton (exp 7/23)

Blue Bunny $.50 off novelty carton excluding blue ribbon classics (exp 7/23)

Coleman Natural Foods $1 off product excluding fresh chicken and deli items (exp 8/13)

Edge/Skintimate $1 off shave gel excluding 2.75oz (exp 7/9)

Edwards $.50 off pie 22.4oz+ dnd (exp 7/29)

Finish $.50 off dishwasher cleaner or detergent booster (exp 7/18)

Finish $.50 off jet dry rinse aid (exp 7/18)

Finish $.50 off max in 1 (exp 7/18)

Finish $1 off quantum max (exp 7/18)

General Mills $1/3 cheerios, cinnamon toast crunch, lucky charms, reese’s puffs, chex, cocoa puffs, trix, fiber one, cookie crisp, golden grahams, kix, total, Wheaties, dora the explorer, oatmeal crisp, raisin nut bran, basic 4, girl scouts, tiny toast or nature valley boxed cereal (exp 7/29)

Kikkoman $1 off teriyaki takumi dnd (exp 8/31)

Kikkoman $1/2 products 10oz+ dnd (exp 8/31)

Kotex U $1 off pads or liners excluding 14-22ct liners and trial (exp 7/22)

Kotex U $1 off tampons or security tampons ets (exp 7/22)

Kotex U $2 off fitness product excluding liners 14-22ct and trial (exp 7/22)

KY $2 off product (exp 7/16)

KY $5 off love, yours+mine, intense or touch products (exp 7/16)

Land O’Frost $.50 off delisnackers (exp 7/8)

Lysol $.50 off disinfectant spray or disinfectant max cover mist 12.5oz+ (exp 8/1)

Lysol $.50/2 disinfecting wipes 35ct+ (exp 8/1)

Lysol $.50/2 toilet bowl cleaners 24oz (exp 7/31)

Lysol $1 off laundry sanitizer 41oz+ (exp 8/1)

Mitchum $1 off product excluding clinical, trial and twin packs (exp 7/22)

Mitchum $2 off clinical product excluding smart solid (exp 7/22)

Nivea $1.50 off body lotion, crème or oil product 2.6oz+ (exp 7/2)

Nivea $2 off in-shower body lotion 13.5oz (exp 7/2)

Nivea $3/2 regular or men body wash 16.9oz+ (exp 7/2)

Nivea $4/2 body lotion, crème or oil products 2.6oz+ (exp 7/2)

Oreo $.55 off candy bar or choco mix snack mix 1.44oz+ (exp 8/6)

Oreo $.75/2 cookies 14oz+ (exp 8/6)

Oscar Mayer $.55 off hot dogs (exp 7/29)

Renew Life $1.25 off 3-day cleanse (exp 7/18)

Revlon $2 off lip cosmetic product excluding kiss balm (exp 7/2)

Schick $3 off hydro 5 or hydro silk disposable razor pack excluding 1ct (exp 7/9)

Schick $3 off hydro razor or refill excluding disposables (exp 7/9)

Schick $3 off hydro silk razor or refill excluding disposables (exp 7/9)

Schick $3 off intuition or Quattro for women razor or refill excluding disposables (exp 7/(exp )

Schick $3 off quattro titanium razor or refill excluding disposables (exp 7/9)

Snack Factory $1 off pretzel crisps 5oz+ (exp 8/31)

Spray ‘n Wash $1 off laundry stain remover (exp 8/1)

Torani $1 off sauce (exp 8/31)

Torani $2.50/2 sauces (exp 8/31)

TRESemme $1 off core styling product ets (exp 7/2)

TRESemme $1 off dry shampoo ets (exp 7/2)

Ultimate Flora $3 off 30ct+ probiotic (exp 7/18)

Vlasic $1/2 pickles, peppers or relish (exp 8/19)