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Align $3 off product (ets, exp 05/27)

Align $4 off 49ct or 56ct product (ets, exp 05/09)

Always $.50 off liners 30ct+ or wipes 20ct+ excluding discreet (ets, exp 05/13)

Always $.50 off pads 11ct+ excluding discreet (ets, exp 05/13)

Always $2 off discreet incontinence liner or pad (ets, exp 05/27)

Always $2 off discreet underwear (ets, exp 05/27)

Always $3/2 pads 11ct+ excluding discreet (ets, exp 05/13)

Bounty $.25 off product (ets, exp 05/27)

Bounty/Charmin $.50 off basic/essentials product excluding single roll (ets, exp 05/27)

Charmin $.25 off product (ets, exp 05/27)

Crest $5 off 3d white glamorous white, 1hr express, professional effects, flexfit, gentle routine, monthly whitening boost or whitestrips with light (ets, exp 05/13)

Dawn $.25 off product (ets, exp 05/27)

Downy/Unstopables/Bounce/Dreft/Gain $1 off downy fabric softener, unstopables fabric care, bounce sheets, downy fresh protect, downy infusions, bounce bursts, dreft blissfuls or gain fireworks excluding libre enjuage, liquid 12 load, dryer sheets 25ct or below

Febreze B1G1 free product excluding unstopables up to $3.29 (ets, exp 05/13)

Febreze Unstopables $1 off product excluding in-wash scent booster (ets, exp 05/27)

Gain $2 off detergent excluding flings

Gillette $1/2 antiperspirant/deodorants 1.6oz+ (ets, exp 05/13)

Gillette $3 off razor or disposable 2ct+ excluding sensor2 2ct (ets, exp 05/27)

Head & Shoulders $4/2 380ml/12.8oz+ or clinical solutions (ets, exp 05/13)

Luvs $2 off diapers (ets, exp 05/13)

Metamucil $2 off product excluding meta health bar 1ct size (ets, exp 05/27)

Metamucil $3 off free fiber supplement (ets, exp 05/27)

Mr. Clean $.50 off magic eraser (ets, exp 05/27)

Mr. Clean $.75 off liquid (ets, exp 05/27)

Olay $1 off bar 4ct+ or body wash

Olay $1 off facial moisturizer or facial cleanser (ets, exp 05/13)

Olay $2 off prox, regenerist or luminous facial moisturizer or eyes (ets, exp 05/13)

Olay $3/2 total effects moisturizers excluding eyes (ets, exp 05/13)

Old Spice $1 off shampoo, 2-in-1 or styling product (ets, exp 05/13)

Old Spice $1/2 antiperspirant/deodorants, body washes or bar soaps (ets, exp 05/13)

Pampers $3/2 bags or 1 box easy ups training underwear or underjams absorbent night wear (ets, exp 05/13)

Pampers Buy 1 diapers or easy ups training underwear, get 1 wipes up to 72ct free up to $3.99 (ets, exp 05/13)

Pantene $1.50 off styler or treatment product (ets, exp 05/13)

Pantene $1 off expert or gold series product (ets, exp 05/13)

Pantene $2/2 products excluding 6.7oz (ets, exp 05/13)

Pantene $5/3 products excluding 6.7oz (ets, exp 05/13)

Pepto-Bismol $.50 off product (ets, exp 05/27)

Prilosec OTC $3 off 28ct+ (ets, exp 05/27)

Puffs $.25 off product excluding single to go packs (ets, exp 05/27)

Secret $1/2 antiperspirant/deodorants excluding 1.6/1.7oz (ets, exp 05/13)

Sinex $1 off product (ets, exp 05/27)

Swiffer $.50 off refill, solution or dust & shine (ets, exp 05/27)

Tampax $3/2 pearl or radiant tampons 16ct+ (ets, exp 05/13)

Tide $2 off detergent excluding pods, simply, 10oz

Tide/Gain $2 off tide pods or gain flings excluding 5ct

Venus Buy 1 cartridge 4ct+, get 1 razor free up to $13 (ets, exp 05/27)

Venus/Daisy $3 off venus razor or venus/daisy disposable 2ct+ excluding daisy 2 2ct (ets, exp 05/27)

ZzzQuil $1 off product (ets, exp 05/27)

redplum #1
clipped coupons & whole inserts available from the coupon clippers
coupons may vary by region

ACT $1.50 off dry mouth product ets (exp 6/17)

ACT $1 off product ets (exp 6/17)

Allegra $3 off children’s allergy product (exp 5/13)

Allegra $4 off allergy 24hr 5-15ct product (exp 5/13)

Allegra $5 off allergy 24hr 24ct+ product (exp 5/13)

Allegra $5 off children’s allergy 8oz or 24ct product (exp 5/6)

Allegra-D $3 off allergy & congestion product (exp 5/13)

Cortizone 10 $1 off product 1oz+ (exp 6/17)

Garnier $2 off cleanser excluding trial size and masks (exp 5/27)

Garnier $3 off moisturizer excluding trial and masks (exp 5/27)

Gold Bond $1 off product excluding 1oz powder and healing lotion (exp 6/3)

Icy Hot/Aspercreme/Capzasin/Sportscreme/Arthritis Hot/Flexall $1 off product excluding 1ct patches and 1.25-1.75oz creams (exp 6/17)

Kaopectate $1.50 off product (exp 6/17)

L’Oreal $2 off paris hair expert shampoo, conditioner or treatment product excluding antidandruff products (exp 5/27)

L’Oreal $2 off superior preference haircolor product (exp 5/27)

L’Oreal $5/2 paris hair expert shampoo, conditioner or treatment products excluding antidandruff products (exp 5/27)

Nasacort $3 off allergy 24hr 60 spray or children’s Nasacort 60 spray (exp 5/13)

Nasacort $5 off allergy 24hr 120 spray+ (exp 5/13)

Rolaids $1.50 off bottle tablets or liquid (exp 6/17)

Selsun Blue $1 off product (exp 10/30)

Unisom $1 off product (exp 6/17)

Xyzal $5 off allergy 24hr 35ct+ (exp 5/14)

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redplum #2
clipped coupons & whole inserts available from the coupon clippers
coupons may vary by region

Advil $1 off regular, migraine 40ct+, pm 20ct+ or any ACS/AAS/AACR/ASCP (exp 6/26)

Advil $3 off allergy sinus, allergy & congestion relief, cold & sinus or sinus congestion & pain (exp 5/14)

Advil $3 off regular or pm easy open arthritis cap 120ct+ (exp 5/14)

Back2Blonde $3 off product (exp 7/31)

Betadine $2 off first aid spray, first aid solution or first aid skin cleanser (exp 6/30)

Centrum/Caltrate $1 off 40ct+ (exp 6/26)

ChapStick $1 off total hydration or 100% natural lip butter (exp 6/26)

Clairol $2 off hair color excluding age defy, balsam and trial (exp 5/13)

Clairol $5/2 hair color excluding age defy, balsam, textures & tones and trial (exp 5/13)

Depend $2 off product 8ct+ (exp 6/3)

Depend $2 off real fit or silhouette product 8ct+ (exp 63)

Depend $2 off shields or guards for men or bed protectors 8ct+ (exp 6/3)

Dial/Tone $1 off body wash or bar soap 6pk+ ets (exp 5/21)

Dial/Tone $1/2 foaming hand wash, liquid hand soap refills, bar soap 3pk+ or advanced bar soap 2pk+ (exp 5/21)

Emergen-C $1 off 8ct+ product (exp 6/26)

Finishing Touch $4 off yes! professional full body hair remover (exp 5/31)

Gray Away $1 off product (exp 7/31)

Hydroxycut $5 off product $17.88+ excluding lean protein shakes, lean protein bars and drops (exp 6/30)

Nexium 24HR $2 off 14ct+ (exp 6/26)

Nexxus $3 off product excluding sachets, 5.1oz shampoos and conditioners and trial (exp 5/14)

Preparation H $1 off product (exp 6/26)

Thermacare $1 off heat 2ct+ or cold wrap 1ct (exp 6/26)

clipped coupons & whole inserts available from the coupon clippers
coupons may vary by region

Air Wick $1.25 off scented oil twin or triple refill (exp 5/28)

Air Wick $1.50 off freshmatic ultra pure refill (exp 5/28)

Air Wick $1.50 off freshmatic ultra refill (exp 5/28)

Air Wick $2 off freshmatic ultra starter kit (exp 5/28)

Air Wick 50% off 1 pure aerosol up to $2.75 (exp 5/280 Air Wick Buy 1 scented oil twin refill, get 1 scented oil warmer free up to $1.50 excluding free item packs (exp 5/28)

Ajax $.50 off dish liquid 28oz+ (exp 5/13)

Alberto V05 $.50 off 33oz family size shampoo or conditioner dnd (exp 5/28)

Alberto V05 $.50/2 11/12.5oz shampoos or conditioners dnd (exp 5/28)

Aleve $2 off product 40ct+ excluding d (exp 5/28)

Bausch+Lomb $3 off ocuvite product (exp 6/30)

Blink $3 off lid wipes (exp 6/5)

Blink $3 off tears, tears preservative free, geltears lubricating eye drops, -n-clean lens drops or contacts lubricating eye drops (exp 6/5)

Blink/Complete $3 off 10oz revitalens multi-purpose disinfecting solution or 12oz+ complete multi-purpose solution (exp 6/5)

Blink/Complete $5 off 20oz revitalens multi-purpose disinfecting solution or 24oz+ complete multi-purpose solution (exp 6/5)

Born Sweet Zing $1 off stevia sweetener (exp 7/9)

Bush’s $1/2 cocina latina variety beans or organic variety beans (exp 6/25)

Carnation $2/2 breakfast essentials excluding 8floz single serve bottles (exp 6/30)

ClariSpray $10 off 120 spray product (exp 5/7)

Clarispray $4 off product (exp 5/28)

Claritin $10 off 70ct product (exp 5/7)

Claritin $4 off regular or d 15ct+ product (exp 5/28)

Claritin Children’s $2 off 4oz or 20ct+ (exp 5/28)

Claritin Children’s $4 off 8oz or 20ct+ product (exp 5/7)

Claritin-D $6 off 15ct+ product (exp 5/7)

Duracell $1 off coppertop or quantum 6pk+ (exp 5/27)

Ensure $3 off multipack (exp 6/25)

Farmer John $1 off ca natural brand fresh pork (exp 6/30)

Farmer John $1 off ground pork (exp 6/30)

Go Organically $1 off 8ct fruit snacks box (exp 6/24)

Irish Spring $1 off body wash excluding 2.5oz (exp 5/13)

Irish Spring $1 off multi-bar soap packs 6pk+ (exp 5/13)

Just For Men $1 off product (exp 6/30)

Land O’Frost $.40 off delisnackers (exp 6/17)

Land O’Frost $.50 off delisnackers (exp 5/28)

Land O’Frost $.55 off simply delicious lunchmeat 8oz or 13oz (exp 5/28)

Nestle Skinny Cow $1 off 4-6ct frozen treats (exp 7/11)

Purina $1/3 friskies party mix, dentalife or whiskcer lickins cat treats (exp 5/30)

Purina B1G1 free fancy feast duos or beyond grain free cat treats up to $2.29 (exp 5/30)

Purina Beggin’ $3/2 23.5oz+ dog snacks (exp 5/30)

Purina Beggin’/Beneful B1G1 free 5.5oz+ dog snacks up to $3.99 (exp 5/30)

Purina Bella $2 off dry dog food (exp 5/20)

TARGET COUPON Purina Bella B4G1 free 3.5oz wet dog food singles up to $.90 (exp 5/20)

TARGET COUPON Purina Beneful $1.50/3 wet dog food 10oz tubs or 3ct/3oz sleeves (exp 5/30)

Purina Beneful $2 off 15.5lb+ dog food bag (exp 5/20)

TARGET COUPON Purina Beneful $2 off dry dog food excluding beneful grain free (exp 5/30)

Purina Beneful $3 off grain free dry dog food (exp 5/30)

Purina Chow $2 off 13lb+ dog or cat chow bag (exp 5/20)

TARGET COUPON Purina Fancy Feast $2 off 12ct medleys gourmet cat food variety pack (exp 5/20)

TARGET COUPON Purina Friskies $1 off 3.15lb dry cat food bag (exp 7/30)

Purina ONE $2 off 6lb+ pet food bag (exp 5/20)

TARGET COUPON Purina ONE SmartBlend $.75/4 wet dog food cans (exp 7/31)

Purina ONE SmartBlend $2 off dry dog food (exp 7/31)

Purina Tidy Cats $2 off lightweight cat litter (exp 7/30)

Scotch-Brite $1/2 scrubbing dish cloths or scrub sponge multi-packs (exp 6/5)

Tabasco $1 off family of flavors 5oz+ dnd (exp 6/30)

Teddy Grahams $.75/2 graham snacks 10oz+ or soft baked filled snacks 6ct+ (exp 6/10)

Tillamook $1 off farmstyle cut shredded cheese 8oz+ (exp 6/25)

Wet Ones $.75 off product excluding 15/20ct travel packs (exp 6/30)

Wet Ones $1/2 products excluding 15/20ct travel packs (exp 6/30)