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Always $2 off discreet incontinence or pad (ets, exp 02/11)

Always $2 off discreet underwear (ets, exp 02/11)

Always $3/2 pads 11ct+, liners 30ct+ or wipes 20ct+ excluding discreet (ets, exp 02/11)

Bounty $.25 off product (ets, exp 02/25)

Charmin $.25 off product (ets, exp 02/25)

Crest $1 off mouthwash 437ml 16oz+ (ets, exp 02/11)

Crest $1 off toothpaste 3oz+, liquid gel or kids toothpaste excluding cavity, baking soda, tartar control and trial (ets, exp 02/11)

Crest $5 off 3d white glamorous white, 1hr express, professional effects, flexfit, gentle routine or monthly whitening boost whitestrips (ets, exp 02/11)

Downy/Gain/Unstopables/Dreft $.50 off downy fabric softener/enhancer, unstopables fabric care, bounce sheets, downy fresh protect, dreft blissfuls or gain fireworks excluding downy libre enjauage, downy liquid 12 load and dryer sheets 25ct or less (ets, exp 02/25)

Febreze $1 off unstopables product excluding in-wash scent booster (ets, exp 02/25)

Febreze B1G1 free product excluding unstopables up to $3.29 (ets, exp 02/11)

Fixodent $2.50 off adhesive twin pack 1.4oz+ (ets, exp 02/11)

Gain $1 off detergent (ets, exp 02/25)

Gillette $1 off antiperspirant/deodorant 1.6oz+ (ets, exp 02/11)

Gillette $3 off razor or disposable 2ct+ excluding sensor2 2ct (ets, exp 02/25)

Head & Shoulders $2 off 380ml/12.8oz+ or clinical solutions (ets, exp 02/11)

Head & Shoulders $5/2 380ml/12.8oz+ or clinical solutions (ets, exp 02/11)

Luvs $2 off diapers (ets, exp 02/11)

Meta $2 off appetite control product (ets, exp 02/25)

Metamucil $2 off product excluding meta health bar (ets, exp 02/25)

Olay $1 off bar 4ct+ body wash (ets, exp 02/11)

Olay $1 off facial moisturizer or cleanser (ets, exp 02/25)

Olay $1 off regenerist facial moisturizer .5oz or smaller excluding eyes (ets, exp 02/25)

Olay $1 off total effects facial moisturizer excluding eyes (ets, exp 02/25)

Olay $2 off prox, regenerist or luminous facial moisturizer or eyes (ets, exp 02/25)

Old Spice $1 off antiperspirant/deodorant, body wash or bar soap (ets, exp 02/11)

Old Spice $1 off shampoo, 2-in-1 or styling product (ets, exp 02/11)

Old Spice/Olay/Ivory $2 off duo dual-sided body cleanser (ets, exp 02/11)

Oral-B $1 off adult or kids manual toothbrush excluding healthy clean, cavity defense and indicator (ets, exp 02/11)

Pampers $2 off easy ups training underwear or underjams absorbent night wear (ets, exp 02/11)

Pampers Buy 1 diapers or easy ups training underwear, get 1 wipes up to 72ct free up to $3.99 (ets, exp 02/11)

Pantene $1 off expert or gold series product (ets, exp 02/11)

Pantene $1.50 off styler or treatment product (ets, exp 02/11)

Pantene $2/2 products must include shampoo and conditioner or styler excluding 6.7oz (ets, exp 02/11)

Pantene $5/3 products must include shampoo and conditioner or styler excluding 6.7oz (ets, exp 02/11)

Pepto-Bismol $1/2 products (ets, exp 02/25)

Prilosec OTC $3 off 28ct+ (ets, exp 02/25)

Secret $1 off outlast, fresh collection, scent expressions, destinations antiperspirant/deodorant or body spray excluding 1.6 and 1.7oz (ets, exp 02/11)

Sinex $1 off product (ets, exp 02/25)

Swiffer $1 off refill, solution or dust & shine (ets, exp 02/25)

Swiffer $2 off starter kit excluding 1ct and 2ct duster 360 (ets, exp 02/25)

Tampax $3/2 pearl or radiant tampons 16ct+ (ets, exp 02/11)

Tide/Gain $2 off tide detergent or tide pods or gain flings 31ct or less excluding tide simply clean & fresh and simply clean & sensitive and detergent 10oz (ets, exp 02/25)

Tide/Gain $3 off tide pods or gain flings 32ct+ (ets, exp 02/25)

Venus/Daisy $3 off venus razor or venus/daisy disposable 2ct+ excluding daisy2 2ct (ets, exp 02/25)

Vicks $1 off product excluding sinex, vaporub, vapodrops and zzzquil (ets, exp 02/25)

Vicks/Puffs Buy 2 vicks products, get 1 free puffs tissue pack up to $2 excluding vicks inhalers (ets, exp 02/11)

ZzzQuil $1 off product (ets, exp 02/25)

redplum #1
coupons may vary by region
available from the coupon clippers

Advil $4 off cold, sinus or allergy product 10ct+ AND 1 adult 40ct+, pm 20ct+ or children’s product ets (exp 2/12)

Advil/Robitussin/Dimetapp $2 off infants’ advil or children’s advil, robitussin or Dimetapp (exp 2/5)

Align $5 off adult chewables 24ct+ (exp 2/11)

Align $5 off kids chewables 24ct+ (exp 2/11)

Axe $1 off body wash product ets (exp 2/12)

Axe $1 off fresh or dry deodorant stick product excluding twin packs and trial (exp 2/12)

Axe $2 off signature dry spray or stick deodorant products ets (exp 2/26)

Axe Buy 1 body spray, get 1 shampoo product free ets up to $6.50 (exp 2/12)

Benefiber $2 off product (exp 2/18)

Best Foods $.50 off mayonnaise jar 30oz, squeeze 20oz, organic 15-24oz or vegan carefully crafted 24oz product (exp 2/26)

Canine Carry Outs $1/4 dog snacks (exp 3/26)

Caress $1 off beauty bar 6pk+ or body wash 12oz+ (exp 2/12)

Citrucel $1 off product (exp 2/18)

Clairol $2 off hair color excluding balsam, age defy and trial (exp 2/11)

Clairol $5/2 hair color excluding age defy, balsam, textures & tones and trial (exp 2/11)

Country Crock $.50 off buttery spread or buttery sticks (exp 2/26)

Covergirl $3 off product excluding 1 kit eyeshadows, cheekers blush, accessories and trial (exp 2/25)

Covergirl+Olay $3 off family product excluding accessories and trial (exp 2/25)

Degree Men $.50 off dry protection or fresh deodorant product excluding twin pack and trial (exp 2/26)

Degree Men $1.25 off dry spray antiperspirant clinical protection, motionsense or extra fresh deodorant product excluding twin packs and trial (exp 2/26)

Degree Women $1.25 off dry spray antiperspirant, clinical protection, motionsense or ultra clear deodorant product excluding twin packs and trial (exp 2/26)

Dove $1.25 off advanced care or clinical protection deodorant/antiperspirant ets (exp 2/12)

Dove $1 off beauty bar 4pk+ ets (exp 2/12)

Dove $1 off body wash 22oz+ ets (exp 2/12)

Dove $2 off body wash 22oz+ or shower foam 13.5oz when you buy beauty bar 4ct+ ets (exp 2/12)

Dove $2 off dermacare product ets (exp 2/25)

Dove $3/2 hair care products ets (exp 2/25)

Dove Men+Care $1 off bar soap 6pk+ or body wash 13.5oz+ (exp 2/26)

Dove Men+Care $1 off elements deodorant or antiperspirant ets (exp 2/12)

Dove Men+Care $2 off hair care or styling product ets (exp 2/26)

Ex-Lax/Perdiem $1.50 off product (exp 2/18)

Gas-X $1.50 off 18ct+ product (exp 2/18)

Gaviscon $1 off 12floz+ (exp 2/18)

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! $.50 off product (exp 2/26)

Lipton $.65 off tea bags, k-cup, liquid or powdered iced tea mix product excluding bottled teas (exp 2/26)

Milk-Bone $1/2 dog snacks (exp 3/26)

Milo’s Kitchen $1/2 dog treats (exp 3/26)

Noxzema $2 off 5 or 4-blade, triple blade 4, 8 or 10ct, twin blade 12ct or sonic beauty wand (exp 2/28)

Polident $2 off 120ct cleanser tablets (exp 3/1)

Prevacid 24HR $3 off product (exp 2/28)

Pup Peroni $1/2 dog snacks (exp 3/26)

Robitussin $2 off adult product (exp 2/5)

Seventh Generation $.50 off dish liquid dnd (exp 3/31)

Seventh Generation $1 off laundry detergent or laundry detergent packs dnd (exp 3/31)

Seventh Generation $2 off diaper dnd (exp 3/31)

Suave $.50 off antiperspirant deodorant stick or clinical protection product excluding 1.4oz, twin packs and trial (exp 2/26)

Suave $.75 off body wash 12oz+ ets (exp 2/25)

Suave $1.50 off hair styling product ets (exp 2/25)

Suave Kids $1 off hair care product (exp 2/25)

Suave Kids $2 off disney hair care product (exp 2/25)

Suave Professionals $3/2 28oz shampoo, conditioner or treatment (exp 2/25)

Suave Professionals $3/2 gold hair care products ets (exp 2/25)

Super Poligrip $1 off 2oz+ product (exp 3/1)

TUMS $1.50/2 32ct+ products (exp 2/18)

Vaseline $2 off lotion 10oz+ product (exp 2/25)

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redplum #2
coupons may vary by region
available from the coupon clippers

ACT $1 off product ets (exp 3/18)

Allegra $10 off allergy 24hr 60ct or 70ct product (exp 2/4)

Allegra $3 off d or children’s product (exp 2/11)

Allegra $5 off allergy 24hr 24ct+ product (exp 2/11)

Arrowhead $1 off 100% mountain spring water multi-pack 12pk+ (exp 3/12)

Bar-S $.75 off sausage or hot link (exp 2/12)

Bar-S $.75/3 franks (exp 2/12)

Cortizone 10 $1 off product 1oz+ (exp 3/18)

DiGiorno B2G1 free pizzas 10.6oz+ up to $6.70 (exp 2/6)

Dixie $1.50/2 everyday plates 9” 85ct+ or 10” 50ct+ or ultra plates 9” 64ct or 10” 44ct+ (exp 2/28)

Dixie $1/2 plates (exp 2/28)

Eggland’s Best $.50 off eggs (exp 4/29)

Eggland’s Best $.75 off cage free eggs (exp 4/29)

Garnier $2 off cleanser ets (exp 2/25)

Garnier $2 off nutrisse or color styler (exp 2/25)

Garnier $3 off moisturizer ets (exp 2/25)

Garnier $4/2 nutrisse or color styler (exp 2/25)

Garnier Fructis $2 off shampoo, conditioner or treatment excluding 2.9 and 3oz (exp 2/11)

Garnier Fructis $2 off style product excluding 2oz (exp 2/25)

Gold Bond $1 off product excluding 1oz powder and healing lotion (exp 3/4)

Icy Hot/Aspercreme/Capzasin/Arthritis Hot/Flexall $1 off product excluding icy hot and aspercreme 1ct patch, 1.25oz creams 1.75oz lidocaine creams (exp 3/18)

Kaopectate $1.50 off product (exp 3/18)

Litehouse $1 off blue cheese or ranch dressing (exp 2/28)

Mahatma/Water Maid $.50 off rice (exp 4/30)

Nasacort $10 off 2x120 spray product (exp 2/4)

Nasacort $2 off product (exp 3/18)

Purina Beggin’ $3/2 23oz+ dog snack (exp 3/29)

Purina Beneful $3/2 6oz+ dog treats (exp 3/29)

Purina Busy/Waggin’ Train $1/2 dog treats (exp 3/29)

Purina Chow $2.50 off 15.5lb+ natural dog or puppy chow (exp 2/25)

Purina Chow $2 off 15.5lb+ dog or puppy chow (exp 2/25)

Purina DentaLife $1/2 dog treats (exp 3/29)

Purina Fancy Feast/Beyond $1.50 off cat treats (exp 3/29)

Purina Friskies/DentaLife/Whisker Lickin’s $1/3 cat treats (exp 3/29)

Purina ONE $.75/4 smartblend wet dog food (exp 4/30)

Purina ONE $1 off 3.5lb+ dry cat food (exp 4/30)

Purina ONE $3 off smartblend dry dog food (exp 4/30)

Purina ONE B2G1 free 3oz wet cat food cans up to $.89 (exp 4/30)

Purina Tidy Cats $2 off 20lb or smaller jug cat litter (exp 4/30)

Rolaids $1.50 off tablets or liquid bottle (exp 3/28)

Unisom $1 off product (exp 3/28)

coupons may vary by region
available from the coupon clippers

Aleve $2 off 40ct+ excluding d products (exp 3/5)

Aleve $4 off 80ct+ excluding d products (exp 2/5)

Blue Diamond $1 off 10oz+ almonds bag (exp 4/2)

Blue Diamond $1 off 4oz+ almonds can or bag (exp 4/2)

Bush’s $.75 off chili beans, variety beans or organic beans (exp 3/12)

Bush’s $1 off hummus made easy and 1 garbonzo beans or black beans (exp 3/12)

Chips Ahoy! $.75/2 thins packages 7oz+ (exp 3/18)

Colgate $.50 off toothpaste 3oz+ (exp 2/11)

Cooked Perfect $1.50 off meatballs (exp 3/29)

Cottonelle $1.50 off toilet paper 18+ rolls (exp 3/12)

Cottonelle $1 off mega roll toilet paper 6pk+ or 1 12pk double rolls excluding big roll (exp 3/12)

Depend $2 off product 8ct+ (exp 2/25)

Depend $2 off real fit or silhouette product 8ct+ (exp 2/25)

Depend $2 off shields or guards for men or bed protectors 8ct+ (exp 2/25)

Duracell $1 off coppertop or quantum 6pk+ (exp 2/25)

French’s $.25 off spicy brown mustard dnd (exp 3/31)

French’s $.50 off crispy jalapenos dnd (exp 3/31)

French’s $.50 off dijon or horseradish mustard dnd (exp 3/31)

French’s $.50 off ketchup dnd (exp 3/31)

General Mills $1/3 cereals (exp 3/11)

Go Organically $1 off fruit snacks 8ct+ (exp 3/25)

Honey Maid $.75/2 grahams 14.4oz boxes (exp 3/11)

Jose Ole $1.50/2 taquitos or snacks 16oz+ (exp 3/31)

Jose Ole $1 off taquitos or snacks 16oz+ (exp 3/31)

Nature Valley $.50/2 5ct+ granola bars, backpacker chewy oatmeal bites or granola cups (exp 3/25)

Oikos $1/3 single serve cups or drinks, 1 multipack or 1 quart (exp 2/28)

Poise $2 off impressa bladder supports sizing kit or size 1, 2 or 3 6ct+ (exp 2/25)

Poise $2 off pads or liners excluding 14-26ct liners or 10ct pads (exp 2/25)

Preservision $4 off areds 2 formula + multivitamin (exp 3/31)

Preservision $4 off product (exp 3/31)

Progresso $.50/2 products excluding pasta bowls (exp 3/25)

Rachael Ray Nutrish $2 off 3lb+ dry cat food (exp 3/26)

Rachael Ray Nutrish $3 off 3.5lb+ dry dog food (exp 3/26)

Rachael Ray Nutrish B2G1 free wet dog food tubs (exp 3/26)

Renu $2 off 12oz fresh or sensitive (exp 3/31)

Renu $4 off 2x12oz fresh twin pack (exp 3/31)

Summer’s Eve $1.50/2 external products dnd (exp 3/01)

Sweet Baby Ray’s $1.50 off wing sauce/marinade 16oz (exp 2/28)

Sweet Baby Ray’s $1 off barbecue sauce 28oz+ (exp 2/28)

Totino’s $.75/3 12.3oz+ pizza rolls, blasted crust rolls, pizza sticks or stuffed nachos (exp 3/25)

Trojan $1 off condoms 10ct+ (exp 2/28)

Trojan $2 off premium lubricant 3-3.38oz (exp 2/28)

Trojan $2 off vibrations product (exp 2/28)

White Castle $.55 off 6ct microwaveable hamburgers, cheeseburgers or jalapeno cheeseburger or 4 chicken breast sandwiches (exp 3/20)

White Castle $1 off 16ct microwaveable hamburgers or cheeseburgers (exp 3/20)

Wonderful Halos $.50 off 2lbs+ (exp 3/01)