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redplum #1
clipped coupons & whole inserts available from coupon dede

Allegra $10 off allergy 24hr 70ct or gelcaps 60ct product (exp 9/17)

Allegra $4 off allergy 24ct gelcaps, 30ct or 45ct product (exp 10/1)

Allegra Children’s $4 off allergy product (exp 10/1)

Allegra-D $3 off allergy & congestion product (exp 10/1)

Angel Soft $.45 off bathroom tissue (exp 10/11)

Angel Soft $1 off mega bathroom tissue 6+ rolls (exp 10/11)

Aussie $2/2 shampoo, conditioner or styling products ets (exp 9/24)

Aussie $3/3 shampoo, conditioner or styling products ets (exp 9/24)

Boost $1.50 off multipack or canister drink or drink mix (exp 11/27)

Clairol/Vidal Sassoon $3 off clairol age defy hair color, vidal sassoon hair color or natural instincts hair color ets (exp 9/24)

Covergirl $1 off eyeliner or eyebrow product excludes accessories and trial (exp 10/8)

Covergirl $2 off lashblast mascara excludes accessories and trial (exp 10/8)

Eggland’s $.50 off eggs (exp 12/11)

Eggland’s $.75 off cage free eggs (exp 12/11)

Gerber $1/2 regular or graduates food products excluding formula (exp 10/31)

Gerber $3 off good start formula 22-26oz or soothe (exp 10/31)

Gillette $3 off men’s razor or disposable 2ct+ excludes sensor2 2ct and trial (exp 10/8)

Herbal Essences B1G1 free hair care product up to $4.99 ets (exp 9/24)

Icy Hot Smart Relief $5 off pain therapy kit (exp 10/30)

Icy Hot/Aspercreme $2 off lidocaine product excludes 1.75oz creams (exp 11/30)

Icy Hot/Aspercreme/Capzasin/Sportscreme/Arthritis Hot/Flexall $1 off product excluding icy hot 1.25oz, aspercreme 1.25oz and icy hot 1ct back patch (exp 11/30)

Nasacort $10 off allergy 24hr 2x120 multipack spray (exp 9/18)

Nasacort $2 off allergy 24hr 60 spray (exp 9/24)

Nasacort $4 off allergy 24hr 120 spray (exp 9/24)

Nescafe $1.50 off taster’s choice coffee jar (exp 11/6)

Quilted Northern $.25 off ultra plush bath tissue 4+ double rolls (exp 10/11)

Quilted Northern $.55 off ultra soft & strong bath tissue 4+ double rolls (exp 10/11)

Sally Hansen $1 off miracle gel product $7.45+ (exp 10/31)

Sally Hansen $1 off miracle gel top coat or value pack $7.45+ (exp 10/31)

Schwarzkopf $2 off essence ultime or styliste ultime hair care or styling product (exp 10/1)

Schwarzkopf $5/2 essence ultime or styliste ultime hair care or styling product (exp 10/1)

Tide $1 off simply detergent ets (exp 9/24)

Tide/Downy/Untopables/Bounce/Gain/Dreft $3/3 tide detergents, tide pods, dwony includes fresh protect, unstopables fabric care, bounce sheets 70ct+ includes bursts, gain fireworks or dreft blissfuls excludes tide simply, downy libre enjuague, downy liduid 12 loads and trial (exp 9/24)

Venus/Daisy $3 off venus razor or venus or daisy disposable 2ct+ excludes daisy2 2ct (exp 10/8)

Weight Watchers $.55 off sweet baked good (exp 12/31)

redplum #2
clipped coupons & whole inserts available from coupon dede

Advil Children’s $1/1 product (exp 9/25)

Al Fresco $1/1 product (exp 12/3)

All $1/1 product ets (exp 10/23)

Crest $2/1 3d white brilliance or pro-health hd 2-step oral care system (exp 10/11)

TARGET COUPON Dial $1/2 complete or kids foaming hand wash 7.5oz+, liquid hand soap refills, 32oz+, bar 3pk+ or advanced bar 2pk+ (exp 10/15)

Dial/Tone $1/2 dial or tone body wash 12oz+, dial or tone bar soap 6pk+ or dial lotion 12oz+ (exp 10/1)

Dimetapp Children’s $1/1 product (exp 9/25)

Garnier $2/1 nutrisse or color styler (exp 10/8)

Garnier Whole Blends $2/1 shampoo, conditioner or treatment (exp 10/8)

L’Oreal $1/1 paris eye shadow or eye liner (exp 10/8)

L’Oreal $2/1 advanced haircare treatment product (exp 9/24)

L’Oreal $2/1 paris revitalift moisturizer ets (exp 10/8)

L’Oreal $2/1 paris voluminous feline mascara (exp 10/8)

L’Oreal $2/1 superior preference or preference mousse absolue haircolor product (exp 10/8)

L’Oreal $3/1 paris cosmetic face product excluding magic perfecting base .17floz mini size (exp 10/8)

L’Oreal $4/2 advanced haircare shampoo, conditioner or hairstyle products excluding 3oz (exp 9/24)

L’Oreal $4/2 everstrong, oleotherapy, everpure, evercurl, eversleek or evercreme shampoo or conditioner products (exp 10/8)

Mahatma/WaterMaid $.50/1 rice (exp 12/31)

Mars $.50/1 variety Halloween bag dnd (exp 10/31)

Mars $1/1 snickers, twix, m&m’s, milky way, starburst or dovebar ice cream, dove sorbet bars multipacks 3-6ct or dove, snickers or twix miniatures multipacks 121-14ct dnd (exp 10/23)

Mars $2/3 halloween bags 9-21oz dnd (exp 10/31)

Minute Rice $.50/1 product (exp 12/3)

Nexium 24HR $1/1 package (exp 11/6)

Nexium 24HR $5/1 28 or 42ct package (exp 9/25)

Noxzema $2/1 5, 4 or 3 blade shavers 3ct+ or 1 twin blade 12ct (exp 10/12)

Noxzema $2/1 about face sonic wand (exp 10/12)

Renuzit $1.50/2 adjustables multipack 3pk+ (exp 9/25)

Ricola $3/1 herbal immunity (exp 11/10)

Right Guard $2/2 body wash products (exp 10/11)

Right Guard $2/2 xtreme antiperspirant deodorant products excludes sport (exp 10/11)

Robitussin Children’s $1/1 product (exp 9/25)

Skittles/Starburst $1/2 bags 13-14oz dnd (exp 12/4)

Snuggle $.50/1 product ets (exp 10/23)

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smartsource #1
clipped coupons available from coupon dede

Activia $1/2 4pks (exp 11/10)

Bausch+Lomb $3 off ocuvite product (exp 10/22)

BIC $2 off disposable razor pack ets (exp 10/8)

Blink $3 off 10oz revitalens (exp 10/31)

Blink $3 off lid wipes (exp 10/31)

Blink $3 off tears, tears preservative free, geltears, -n-clean or contacts (exp 10/31)

Blink $5 off 20oz revitalens (exp 10/31)

Bon Appetit $.75 off pizza 12.16ozoz+ dnd (exp 11/20)

Brut $1 off classic fragrance or antiperspirant/deodorant excluding revolution 2.5oz (exp 10/9)

Bush’s $.55/2 cocina latina, variety beans, chili beans or organic beans excluding baked beans, grillin’ beans, hummus made easy and chili magic (exp 11/15)

Bush’s $1 off hummus made easy and 1 garbanzo beans or black beans 15-16oz excluding baked beans, grillin’ beans, cocina latina, chili beans and chili magic (exp 11/15)

Bush’s $1/2 baked beans 28oz, grillin’ beans 22-22oz or sriracha beans 22oz excluding cocina latina, variety beans, chili beans, hummus made easy and chili magic (exp 11/15)

Complete $3 off 12oz solution (exp 10/31)

Dole $1 off mixations (exp 11/6)

Dreamfields $1/2 pasta (exp 11/12)

Dulcolax $3 off stool softener, laxative 25ct+ or suppository 4ct+ (exp 9/30)

Galbani $1 off snack cheese item 6oz+ dnd (exp 12/31)

good morenings cereal (exp 11/6)

Infusium 23 $2 off shampoo, conditioner or leave in treatment (exp 10/9)

Nivea $1.50 off body lotion, crème or oil product 2.6-21oz excludes gift sets (exp 10/1)

Nivea $2 off in-shower body lotion 13.5oz product excludes gift sets (exp 10/1)

Nivea $4/2 body lotion, crème or oil products 2.6-21oz excludes gift sets (exp 10/1)

Oroweat $.55 off bread product dnd (exp 12/31)

Pert Plus $.50 off 13.5oz product (exp 10/9)

Pert Plus $2 off 25.4oz+ product (exp 10/9)

Post $1/2 malt-o-meal 18oz+, mom’s best, dreamworks, better oats, farina, coco wheats or malt-o-meal original hot wheat (exp 11/6)

Post $1/3 honey bunches of oats, pebbles, great grains, grape-nuts, shredded wheat, raisin bran, bran flakes, honeycomb, golden crisp, honey graham oh’s, waffle crisp, alpha-bits or Ragu $1 off sauce excludes 14oz jars (exp 10/2)

Revlon $1/2 haircolor products (exp 10/16)

Six Star $2 off pill or powder (exp 12/11)

Six Star $4 off protein powder (exp 12/11)

Sure $1 off 2.6, 2.7 or 6oz product (exp 10/9)

Top Ramen $1/2 6 or 12pks (exp 10/9)

White Castle $.50 off 6+ microwaveable hamburgers, cheeseburgers, jalapeno cheeseburgers or 4 chicken breast sandwiches (exp 10/30)

White Castle $1 off 16+ microwaveable hamburgers or cheeseburgers (exp 10/30)

Wonderful $.50 off pistachios product 4.5oz+ (exp 11/11)

Zantac $3 off regular 24ct+ or duo fusion 20ct+ product (exp 9/30)

Zest $1 off fruitboost shower gel or body scrub dnd (exp 12/3)

Zest/Coast $1 off body wash or bar soap 3ct+ dnd (exp 12/3)

smartsource #2
clipped coupons & whole inserts available from coupon dede

Aleve $2 off product 40ct+ excludes d products (exp 11/6)

Aleve $3 off PM product 40ct+ excludes d products (exp 9/18)

Aleve-D $3 off 10ct+ product excludes regular and PM products (exp 11/6)

Bayer $1 off aspirin product 50ct+ (exp 10/9)

Bayer $2 off aspirin product 200ct+ (exp 9/25)

Cheerios $.50 off original box (exp 10/22)

Citracal $4 off calcium supplement excludes 100ct petities & 60ct maximum (exp 9/25)

ClariSpray $4 off product (exp 10/9)

ClariSpray $6 off 120 sprays only (exp 9/18)

Claritin $10 off 70ct+ (exp 9/18)

Claritin $4 off 30ct+ product (exp 10/9)

Claritin Children’s $3 off 4oz or 20ct+ (exp 10/9)

Claritin Children’s $5 off syrup 8oz or chewables 30ct+ (exp 9/18)

Claritin-D $3 off 15ct+ (exp 10/9)

Claritin-D $5 off 15ct+ product (exp 9/180 Colgate $.50 off toothpaste 3oz+ (exp 9/24)

Colgate $2 off 360 or floss-tip manual toothbrush excluding plus, triple action, extra clean and classic clean (exp 9/17)

Colgate $2 off mouthwash or mouth rinse 480ml+ (exp 10/8)

Colgate $2 off optic white high impact white, total daily repair, enamel health or sensitive smart white toothpaste 3oz (exp 9/24)

Compeed $2 off product (exp 10/1)

Walgreens manufacturer’s coupon General Mills $.75 off fiber one, multi grain cheerios, Wheaties, basic 4, raisin nut bran, oatmeal crisp, total or wheat chex (exp 10/22)

Hormel $1 off compleats microwave meal, dinty moore tray and sandwich makers (exp 11/7)

Kauai Coffee $1 off package (exp 10/31)

Kotex U $1 off liners excluding 14-22ct and trial (exp 10/8)

Kotex U $1 off pads package ets (exp 10/8)

Kotex U $1 off tampons ets (exp 10/8)

MiraFIBER $3 off product (exp 10/11)

MiraFIBER $5 off product (exp 9/25)

MiraLAX $1 off 10ct+ product (exp 10/9)

MiraLAX $3 off product 30 dose+ (exp 10/11)

Nature Valley $1 off granola crunch, protein granola, baked oat bites, honey oat clusters, chocolate oat clusters, chocolate oat bites, raisin oat clusters, toasted oats muesli and soft baked granola bites (exp 10/22)

Olives To Go! $1.50/2 pearls black pitted 4pks or 1 16ct club pack dnd (exp 11/15)

Olives To Go! $1 off pearls kalamata, pimiento-stuffed or sliced 4pks dnd (exp 11/15)

One A Day $2 off product (exp 10/8)

One A Day $2 off trubiotics product (exp 10/8)

Pillsbury $.30/2 cans refrigerated grands or grands jr biscuits (exp 12/3)

Pop Secret $.75 off popcorn 6pk+ dnd (exp 11/4)

Pop Secret $1/2 popcorn 3pk+ dnd (exp 11/4)

RoC $3 off anti-aging product ets (exp 11/5)

Rogaine $5 off hair regrowth treatment product (exp 11/30)

Scott $1 off tube-free bath tissue 9+ rolls package (exp 10/8)

Spray ‘n Wash $.50 off laundry stain remover (exp 11/11)

The Good Table $1 off freezer to plate kit for frozen chicken (exp 11/5)

Tiny Toast $1 off cereal (exp 10/22)

Yoplait $1 off go big yogurt pouches (exp 11/5)