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Angel Soft $.45 off bathroom tissue (exp 8/23)

Angel Soft $1 off mega bathroom tissue 6+ rolls (exp 8/23)

Aveeno $1 off body product ets (exp 9/18)

Benadryl $1 off product (exp 9/18)

Clean & Clear $1 off product ets (exp 9/18)

FDgard $5 off 8ct or 24ct (exp 1/31)

Garnier Whole Blends $2 off shampoo, conditioner or treatment (exp 8/20)

Konsyl $2 off original formula or balance (exp 3/31)

L’Oreal $2 off excellence or excellence age perfect haircolor product (exp 8/20)

Listerine $1 off floss or flosser product (exp 9/18)

Listerine $1 off mouthwash 1l+ or healthy white product 16oz+ Listerine $1 off smart rinse anticavity fluoride rinse product 500ml (exp 9/18)

Motrin/Bengay $1 off motrin ib, pm, children’s or infants’ or bengay product (exp 9/18)

Motrin/Bengay $3/2 motrin ib, pm, children’s or infants’ or bengay products (exp 9/18)

Mylicon $2 off infant’s drops product (exp 9/18)

Neosporin/Band-Aid $2/3 neosporin, band-aid bandages or band-aid first air products excludes trial, first aid kits, band-aid 10ct and first aid to go kits must buy both brands (exp 9/18)

Neutrogena $2/2 product excludes non-medicated shampoo, hair conditioner trial sizes, clearance products and bar soap (exp 9/18)

Orbit/5/Extra/Juicy Fruit $.50/2 14-15ct gum packs dnd (exp 10/16)

Orbit/5/Extra/Juicy Fruit $1/2 3pk gum multipacks dnd (exp 10/16)

Oreo $1 off churros 10.3oz box (exp 9/10)

Persil $1/ off proclean laundry detergent ets (exp 8/21)

Persil $2 off proclean 75oz+ power-liquid, 2lbs12oz+ power-pearls or 40ct+ power-caps (exp 8/21)

Purina Beyond $2 off dry cat food (exp 10/31)

Purina Beyond B3G1 free wet cat food cans up to $1.15 (exp 10/31)

Purina ONE $5/2 6lb+ dry dog or cat food (exp 8/13)

TARGET COUPON Purina Tidy Cats $5 Target giftcard wyb 2 clumping litters excluding conventional/non-scooping litter and 20lb clumping jugs (exp 8/13)

TARGET COUPON Purina $2/2 dog or cat treats (exp 8/13)

TARGET COUPON Quilted Northern $.55 off bath tissue 6+ double roll (exp 8/23)

Quilted Northern $1.50 off bath tissue 6+ mega roll (exp 8/23)

Sally Hansen $1 off miracle gel product $7.45+ (exp 8/28)

Sally Hansen $1 off miracle gel top coat or value pack $7.45+ (exp 8/28)

Sally Hansen $1 off nail treatment or beauty tools product $3.84+ (exp 9/18)

Sparkle $.45 off 6+ rolls (exp 9/22)

Sparkle $.45 off minis 3+ rolls (exp 9/22)

Tylenol $1 off product ets (exp 9/18)

Tylenol $2.50/2 products ets (exp 9/18)

Visine $1.50 off 1/2floz+ product (exp 9/18)

smartsource #2
clipped coupons & whole inserts available from coupon dede

AcneFree $2 off product excluding 24 hour acne clearing system, deep cleansing duo or sonic advanced cleansing duo and trial (exp 9/30)

AcneFree $4 off 24 hour acne clearing system, deep cleansing duo or sonic advanced cleansing duo (exp 9/30)

Aleve $3 off direct therapy refill gel pads (exp 9/30)

Aleve $3 off regular or pm product 40ct+ excludes d (exp 9/11)

Alka-Seltzer $1 off product 12ct+ (exp 8/20)

Bayer $1 off aspirin product 50ct+ (exp 8/21)

BIC $1.50 off atlantis pen product (exp 9/3)

BIC $1 off stationery product (exp 8/6)

Citracal $2 off product (exp 8/7)

Claritin $3 off children’s 8oz or 20ct+ (exp 8/21)

Colgate $.50 off adult or kids manual toothbrush excluding plus, extra clean and classic clean (exp 8/13)

Colgate $.50 off toothpaste 3oz+ (exp 8/6)

Colgate $2 off 360 twin packs & multi-packs manual toothbrushes excluding all free product packs (exp 8/6)

Colgate $2 off mouthwash 473ml+ (exp 8/20)

Colgate $2 off toothpaste twin packs & multi-packs 4oz+ (exp 8/6)

Colgate $3 off optic white toothbrush + whitening pen or sensitive toothbrush + sensitivity relief pen (exp 8/13)

Coppertone $1 off product 5oz+ (exp 8/31)

Coppertone $5/2 products 5oz+ (exp 8/8)

Dr. Scholl’s $2 off insole $7.95+ (exp 8/31)

Edge/Schick Hydro/Skintimate $1 off shave gel excludes 2.75oz (exp 8/14)

Fiber One $.50 off cheesecakes bars (exp 9/17)

Flintstones $2 off product (exp 8/8)

General Mills $1/3 big g cereals (exp 9/3)

Irish Spring $1 off body wash excludes 2.5oz body wash trial size (exp 8/13)

Irish Spring $1 off multi-bar soap packs 6pk+ (exp 8/13)

Lotrimin/Tinactin $2 off product (exp 8/31)

Midol $1 off product (exp 9/4)

MiraLAX/MiraFIBER $2 off 10ct+ miralax or any mirafiber product (exp 8/21)

Nature Valley $.50 off backpacker chewy oatmeal bites (exp 9/17)

Nature Valley $1 off cereal or granola listed: granola crunch, protein granola, baked oat bites, honey oat clusters, chocolate oat clusters, chocolate oat bites, raisin oat clusters, toasted oats muesli, soft baked granola bites (exp 9/3)

Old El Paso $1/3 products excluding refrigerated and produce products (exp 9/17)

One A Day $2 off product (exp 8/20)

One A Day $3 off trubiotics product (exp 8/20)

Palmolive $.50 off dish liquid 22oz+ (exp 8/13)

Phillips’ $2 off colon health or fiber good gummies product (exp 8/21)

Playtex $1 off sport or gentle glide product excludes 20ct liners (exp 8/14)

Pledge $.50 off floorcare or furniture care product (exp 9/4)

PowerBar $2/4 bars (exp 10/24)

Schick $2 off hydro or quattro titanium refill excludes women’s refills (exp 8/14)

Schick $3 off disposable razor pack excludes 2ct (exp 8/14)

Schick $3 off hydro or quattro titanium razor excludes disposables and women’s razors or refills (exp 8/14)

Schick $3 off quattro for women, intuition or hydro silk razor or refill excludes disposables (exp 8/14)

Scrubbing Bubbles $.50 off all purpose cleaner with fantastik (exp 9/4)

Scrubbing Bubbles $.50 off bathroom cleaner product (exp 9/4)

Scrubbing Bubbles $1 off toilet cleaning product (exp 9/4)

Shout $.50 off product ets (exp 9/4)

Softsoap $.50 off liquid hand soap premium pump 8010oz or refill 28oz+ (exp 8/13)

Softsoap $.75 off body wash 15oz+ (exp 8/13)

Speed Stick $.50 off men’s or lady antiperspirant/deodorant excluding 2, 1.8, 1.7 and .5oz (exp 8/13)

Speed Stick $1 off men’s or lady antiperspirant/deodorant twin packs (exp 8/13)

Speed Stick B1G1 free gear antiperspirant/deodorant or body spray up to $4.29 excluding 1.8oz and .5oz (exp 8/13)

Suave Professionals $1.50 off gold hair care product excludes luxe styling products and 2oz (exp 8/6)

(exp 2 coupons)

Suave Professionals $1 off shampoo or conditioner 28oz or treatment product excludes 2oz (exp 8/6)

Windex $.50 off product ets (exp 9/4)

Zegerid OTC $3 off 14ct product (exp 8/21)

Zegerid OTC $8 off 42ct product (exp 8/21)

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smartsource #1
clipped coupons & whole inserts available from coupon dede

Blue Diamond $.50 off 64oz+ almond breeze almondmilk (exp 9/25)

Blue Diamond $1.50/2 5oz bags or 6oz cans almonds (exp 9/25)

Blue Diamond $1 off 10oz+ almonds bag (exp 9/25)

Blue Diamond $1/2 32oz+ shelf stable almond breeze almondmilk (exp 9/25)

Clorox $1/2 disinfecting wipes 34ct+, any clean-up product, liquid bleach 55oz+ or any manual toilet bowl cleaner product (exp 8/24)

Farmer John $1 off california natural fresh pork product: pork loin, ribs, butt, picnic, tenderloin or leg (exp 9/24)

Farmer John $1 off smoked sausage (exp 9/24)

Glad $1.50 off with Febreze trash bags 15ct+ (exp 8/24)

Glad $1 off food protection product excludes 22ct and 29ct food bags (exp 8/24)

Goody $.50 off ouchless product (exp 9/12)

Goody $1 off clean radiance brush (exp 9/12)

Huggies $1.50 off diapers 10ct+ (exp 8/20)

Huggies $2 off little movers diapers 10ct+ (exp 8/20)

Huggies $2 off little snugglers diapers 10ct+ (exp 8/20)

Huggies $2 off pull-ups training pants 7ct+ (exp 8/20)

Kool-Aid $.50/2 jammers (exp 9/3)

Kotex U $2/2 cleanwear ultra thin pads, barely there or curves liners excluding liners 14-22ct and trial (exp 8/6)

Kotex U $2/2 security coupons (exp 8/6)

Kotex U $2/2 security ultra thin pads or lightdays liners excluding liners 14-22ct and trial (exp 8/6)

Kotex U $2/2 sleek or click tampons (exp 8/6)

Land O’Frost $.75 off premium, bistro favorites or Canadian bacon (exp 8/26)

Land O’Frost $1 off sub sandwich kit (exp 8/26)

Land O’Frost $1/2 delisnackers (exp 8/20)

MagniLife DB $2 off pain relieving foot cream or diabetics’ dry skin relief (exp 8/28)

Pilot $.75 off g2 gel ink pens 4pk (exp 9/30)

Pilot $1 off frixion erasable pens or highlighters 2pk (exp 9/30)

Post $1/2 cereals listed: honey bunches of oats, pebbles 11oz+, great grains, grape-nuts, shredded wheat, raisin bran, bran flakes, honey-comb, golden crisp, honey graham oh’s, waffle crisp, alpha-bits, good morenings, malt-o-meal 18oz+ bag or 11.5oz+ box, mom’s best, dreamworks better oats, farina, coco wheats or malt-o-meal original hot wheat (exp 9/18)

Purell $1 off 8z+ advanced hand sanitizer bottle or 35ct+ hand sanitizing wipes (exp 11/15)

Purell $1/3 products (exp 11/15)

Rachael Ray $3 off 3.5lb+ nutrish dry dog food (exp 9/18)

Rachael Ray $3 off 3lb+ nutrish dry cat food (exp 9/18)

Rachael Ray $3 off nutrish wet cat food variety pack or 12 individual tubs (exp 9/18)

Rachael Ray $3 off nutrish wet dog food variety pack or 6 individual tubs (exp 9/18)

Revlon $1/2 haircolor products (exp 8/28)

Ritz $1/2 filled cracker sandwiches 10.8oz+ (exp 9/3)

Ritz $1/2 fresh stacks crackers 11.5oz+ (exp 9/3)

Stella $1 off fresh mozzarella cheese (exp 9/24)

Tena $6 off overnight underwear product (exp 8/7)