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clipped coupons & whole inserts available from coupon dede

Barbasol shaving cream 10 oz. (excludes other sizes) $.50 off (exp 08/20/16)

Blink Lid Wipes any $4 off (exp 08/15/16)

Blink Revitalens multipurpose disinfecting solution 10 oz. or larger $3 off (exp 08/15/16)

Blink Tears or Blink Tears Preservative Free or GelTears lubricating eye drops or Blink n Clean lens drops or Blink Contacts lubricating eye drops $3 off (exp 08/15/16)

Cesar 12 ct.multipack dog food trays $2 off (exp 09/04/16)

Cesar 24 ct. multipack dog food trays $2 off (exp 09/04/16)

Cesar dog food single trays $2/12 (exp 09/04/16)

Community Coffee any 2 bags or K Cup boxes $4/2 (exp 10/31/16)

Community Coffee any bag or K Cup box $1.50 off (exp 09/12/16)

Complete Multipurpose solution 12 oz. or larger $3 off (exp 08/15/16)

Cover Girl + Olay product (excluding trial/travel sizes) $3 off (exp 08/06/16)

Dark and Lovely Au Naturale product (excluding curl defining creme glase 5.3 oz.; coil moisturizing souffle 5.3 oz. and super softening butter 4 oz.) $3 off (exp 08/06/16)

Dark and Lovely Au Naturale product 5.3 oz. or 4.0 oz. $1 off (exp 08/06/16)

Dark and Lovely Haircolor or Relaxer any $1.50 off (exp 08/06/16)

Dial Body Wash 12 oz. or larger; Dial bar soap 6 ct. or larger; Dial Lotion 12 oz. or larger (excludes trial/travel sizes) $1/2 (exp 07/31/16)

Dial Complete or Kids Foaming Hand Wash 7.5 oz. or larger; Dial liquid hand soap refills 32 oz.+; Dial Advanced Bar 2 bar+; Dial bar 3 bar+ $1/2 (exp 07/31/16)

Domino product in a flip top canister $.55 off (exp 09/30/16)

Dove Advanced Care; Dry Spray or Clinical Protection Antiperspirant/Deodorant product (excludes trial and travel sizes and Dove Men+Care) $1.50 off (exp 08/06/16)

Duracell Coppertop; Quantum; Ultra Photo Lithium; Specialty Batteries; Rechargeable batteries; Duracell charger OR 6 pack or larger Duracell hearing aid batteries (excludes 1 ct.; trial or travel size) $.25 off (exp 08/06/16)

Duracell Hearing Aid Batteries--RITE AID store coupon $2 off (exp 08/06/16)

Gain Flings; Gain laundry detergent; Gain Fireworks; Gain Sheets OR Gain liquid fabric enhancer (excludes dryer sheets 60 ct. or lower; Gain Flings 5 ct. and trial/travel size) $3/3 (exp 07/23/16)

Garnier Fructis Personal size (13 oz.) shampoo or conditioner (excluding trial size 1.7 oz; 2 oz. and 3 oz) $1 off (exp 08/06/16)

Garnier Fructis Style product (excluding trial size) $1 off (exp 08/06/16)

Garnier Fructis Treatment or Family Size (25.4 oz.) shampoo or conditioner (excluding trial size 1.7 oz; 2 oz. and 3 oz) $2 off (exp 08/06/16)

Garnier moisturizer any (excluding trial/travel sizes) $2 off (exp 08/06/16)

Garnier Nutrisse or Color Styler hair color $2 off (exp 08/06/16)

Gold Bond Medicated or Foot 10 oz. powders any $1.50 off (exp 08/21/16)

Gold Bond powder sprays any $1.50 off (exp 08/21/16)

Haribo Gummi bags 3.5 oz. or larger $1/3 (exp 08/20/16)

Jimmy Dean Breakfast product (excluding single serve sandwiches) $.55 off (exp 08/07/16)

Jimmy Dean Delights Breakfast Bowls $1/2 (exp 08/07/16)

Jimmy Dean Delights Frittatas or Delights Sandwich $1 off (exp 08/07/16)

Kelloggs Frosted Flakes with Marshmallows Cereal (13.6 oz. or Larger) $.50 off (exp 08/21/16)

Kelloggs Mini Wheats Harvest Delights cereal 14.3 oz. or larger $.50 off (exp 08/21/16)

Kelloggs Raisin Bran Granola 10.5 oz. any flavor $.50 off (exp 08/21/16)

Kelloggs Smorz cereal 10.2 oz. $.50 off (exp 08/21/16)

Kelloggs Special K Nourish Cereal 14 oz. any flavor $.50 off (exp 08/21/16)

Lets Jam; Optimum or Magic hair care product (excluding Optimum AMLA Legend moisture remedy conditoner 1.75 oz. travel size and Magic Bump rescue after shave gel and skincare line) $1 off (exp 08/06/16)

Loreal Advanced Hair Care Treatment product any $2 off (exp 07/23/16)

Loreal Advanced Haircare Shampoo; Conditioner or Hairstyle products (excludes 1.7 oz and 3 oz. trial size) $4/2 (exp 07/23/16)

Loreal Paris Root Cover Up Spray $1 off (exp 08/06/16)

Loreal Superior Preference or Excellence haircolor product $2 off (exp 08/06/16)

Loreal Superior Preference or Excellence Haircolor products $6/2 (exp 07/23/16)

Luigis Real Italian Ice products 24 oz. or larger only $1 off (exp 09/05/16)

M&Ms chocolate candies 9.4 oz. or larger $1/2 (exp 08/21/16)

Pure Silk Shave Cream 8 oz. can or twin pack (excludes other sizes) $.50 off (exp 08/20/16)

Tone Body Wash 12 oz. or larger; Tone Bar soap 6 bar or larger (excludes trial/travel sizes) $1.50/2 (exp 07/31/16)

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clipped coupons & whole inserts available from coupon dede

2000 Flushes Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner any $.55 off (exp 10/10/16)

Acai Berry 14 day cleanse $2 off (exp 10/31/16)

Amope Pedi Perfect Electronic foot file or Electronic Nail Care System $15 off (exp 07/24/16)

Amope products any combination of 2 $25/2 (exp 07/24/16)

Aquaphor baby product 3 to 16.9 oz. $3 off (exp 08/06/16)

Aquaphor Healing Ointment 3 to 14 oz. $3 off (exp 08/06/16)

Bausch & Lomb Ocuvite Eye Health Gummies product any $3 off (exp 08/31/16)

Bausch & Lomb Ocuvite product any $3 off (exp 08/31/16)

Benefiber product any $2 off (exp 07/24/16)

Betty Crocker Helper or Ultimate Helper Skillet Dishes $.75/3 (exp 09/03/16)

Bic Disposable razor pack (excludes trial size) $2 off (exp 08/06/16)

Bic Soleil Disposable razor pack (excludes trial size) $2 off (exp 08/06/16)

Biore Cleanser or Pore Strip (excludes trial/travel) $1 off (exp 08/07/16)

Colgate Adult or Kids manual toothbrush (excluding Colgate Plus; Colgate Extra Clean or Classic Clean) $.50 off (exp 07/30/16)

Colgate toothpaste 3 oz. or larger (excludes 2.8 oz; 2.8 oz.bonus; trial/travel size) $.50 off (exp 07/30/16)

Curel Moisturizer 6 oz. or larger $1 off (exp 08/07/16)

Dr Scholls Bunion; Corn or Callous cushion any $1 off (exp 07/24/16)

Dr Scholls Insoles ($7.95 or higher) $3 off (exp 07/24/16)

Dr Scholls Massaging Gel Insoles or Pain Relief Orthotics $3 off (exp 07/24/16)

Eucerin baby product 2 to 13.5 oz. $2 off (exp 08/06/16)

Ex Lax or Perdiem product any 24 ct. or larger $1.50 off (exp 07/24/16)

Excedrin 80 ct. or larger $1.50 off (exp 08/06/16)

Excedrin items any $3.50/2 (exp 07/24/16)

Food Should Taste Good Tortilla Chips; Kettle Chips; Brown Rice Crackers or Bean Chips 4 oz. or larger $.75 off (exp 09/03/16)

Gas X 18 ct. or larger any $1.50 off (exp 07/24/16)

General Mills Big G cereals: many listed including Cheerios; Chex; Cinn Toast Crunch; Cocoa Puffs; Lucky Charms; Trix; Reeses Puffs; Fiber One; Cookie Crisp and more $1/3 (exp 08/20/16)

General Mills Fiber One Chewy Bars; 90 Calorie products (bars; brownies or cakes); Protein Chewy Bars; Streusel Bars; Cheesecake bars or Cookies Boxes $.50/2 (exp 09/03/16)

General Mills Tiny Toast cereal any $1 off (exp 08/20/16)

Glade Products any (excludes Solid Air Freshener; 8 oz. aerosol and Glade Plug Ins Scented Oil Warmer) $1/2 (exp 08/21/16)

Glade products any 3 (excludes Solid Air Freshener; 8 oz. aerosol and Glade Plug Ins Scented Oil Warmer) $2/3 (exp 08/21/16)

Glae product any (excludes Solid Air Freshener; 8 oz. aerosol and Glade Plug Ins Scented Oil Warmer) $.55 off (exp 08/21/16)

Jergens Natural Glow product (excludes trial/travel) $1 off (exp 08/07/16)

Jergens product 7.5 oz. or larger $1 off (exp 08/07/16)

Jergens Wet Skin moisturizer 10 oz. or larger $2 off (exp 08/07/16)

John Frieda Hair Care product any (excludes trial/travel; appliances and toolds; Precision Foam Colour and Root Blur) $1 off (exp 08/07/16)

Kleenex bundle pack facial tissue (not valid on trial size) $.50 off (exp 07/30/16)

Kleenex Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Cloths 42 ct or larger--PUBLIX store coupon (travel size and 10 ct. not included) $.55 off (exp 08/10/16)

Kleenex Cottonelle toilet paper (12 pack double roll or 6 pack Mega Roll)--PUBLIX store coupon $1/2 (exp 08/10/16)

Kleenex facial tissues 50 ct. or larger (not valid on trial size) $.50/3 (exp 07/30/16)

Kleenex hand towels $.50 off (exp 07/30/16)

Lysol Disinfecting Wipes 80 ct. or larger $2/2 (exp 08/02/16)

Mentos NOWmints Tin--buy one; get one free up to $2.49 value (exp 09/30/16)

Milk Bone brushing chews original or fresh breath any $1 off (exp 09/04/16)

Mitchum any excluding trial size and twin packs $2 off (exp 08/13/16)

Nabisco Honey Maid Grahams any $.75/2 (exp 08/20/16)

Nature Valley Granola bars any variety 5 ct. or larger OR Nature Valley Backpacker Oatmeal Bites $.50/2 (exp 09/03/16)

New York Bakery Really Ranch croutons; Zesty Italian croutons or Salad Kickers any $.50 off (exp 09/30/16)

OciClean Washing Machine Cleaner $1 off (exp 08/09/16)

OxiClean HD laundry detergent any $3 off (exp 08/09/16)

OxiClean Odor Blasters or Versatile Stain Remover 3 lb. or larger $1 off (exp 08/09/16)

OxiClean Pre-Treater any $.50 off (exp 08/09/16)

OxiClean White Revive Laundry Stain Remover any $1 off (exp 08/09/16)

Perdiem or Ex Lax product any 24 ct. or larger $1.50 off (exp 07/24/16)

Philips $20 Mail In Rebate: Sonicare Flexcare+; FlexCare Platinum or Diamond Clean toothbrush (excludes multipacks) between 6/12/2016 and 7/31/2016. Form next to Philips coupons (exp 08/31/16)

Philips Sonicare 2 Series plaque control; 3 Series gum health; Healthy White+ or AirFloss $10 off (exp 08/21/16)

Philips Sonicare Essence; Essence+ or Sonicare for Kids Rechargeable Toothbrush $5 off (exp 08/21/16)

Philips Sonicare Replacement Brush Head pack (excludes PowerUp Brush Heads) $5 off (exp 08/31/16)

Prevacid product any $3 off (exp 07/24/16)

Purina Friskies Cat Concoctions wet cat food 5.5 oz.; buy one and get one free up to 60 cents (exp 10/31/16)

Purina Friskies cat treats 6 oz. or larger; any variety $1 off (exp 09/10/16)

Purina Friskies Cat Treats; any size; any variety $1/2 (exp 09/10/16)

Purina Friskies Dry Cat Food any 3.15 lb. or larger bag $1 off (exp 10/31/16)

Refresh Optive Advanced or Gel Drops product any $5 off (exp 07/24/16)

Refresh Product any $3/2 (exp 08/21/16)

Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom cleaning products any $.50 off (exp 08/21/16)

Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush product any $1 off (exp 08/21/16)

Spot Shot Instant Carpet Stain and Odor Eliminator $.55 off (exp 10/10/16)

Suavitel Fabric Softener 44 oz. or larger $1 off (exp 07/30/16)

Suavitel Fragrance Pearls in wash scent booster (14.7 oz. or larger) or Suavitel Fabric Softener sheets (excluding 20 ct.) $1.50 off (exp 07/30/16)

Totinos pizza rolls or blasted crust rolls 39.2 pkg or larger $1 off (exp 09/03/16)

Wish Bone dressings any $1/2 (exp 09/12/16)

Wish Bone EVOO or Ristorante Italiano dressing $1 off (exp 08/09/16)