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clipped coupons & whole inserts available from coupon dede

Always Discreet $2 off liner or pad ets (exp 7/9)

Always Discreet $2 off underwear ets (exp 7/9)

Angel Soft $.45 off bathroom tissue (exp 7/13)

Angel Soft $1 off mega bathroom tissue 6 roll+ (exp 7/13)

AXE $1 off deodorant stick, antiperspirant or daily fragrance ets (exp 7/10)

AXE $1 off hair care product ets (exp 7/10)

AXE $1 off personal wash product ets (exp 7/10)

Clairol $3 off age defy hair color, natural instincts crema keratina hair color or vidal sasoon hair color excludes vs shampoo, conditioner, styler and trial (exp 6/25)

Clairol $5/2 hair color excludes age defy, balsam, textures & tones and trial (exp 6/25)

Covergirl $1.50 off lip product excludes accessories and trial (exp 7/9)

Covergirl $2 off face product excludes tinted moisturizer, accessories and trial (exp 6/25)

Degree Men $1.50 off dry spray antiperspirant, motionsense or extra fresh deodorant product ets (exp 7/10)

Dove $1 off doedorant product ets&m+c (exp 7/9)

Dove $2 off clinical protection antiperspirant product ets&m+c (exp 7/9)

Dove $3/2 hair care products ets&m+c (exp 7/10)

Dove Men+Care $1 off antiperspirant 2.7oz, deodorant 3oz or clinical protection 1.7oz ets (exp 7/10)

Dove Men+Care $2 off body wash 13.5oz+ or bar 6pk+ ets (exp 7/10)

Dove Men+Care $2 off hair care product ets (exp 7/10)

Giovanni Rana $1 off refrigerated pasta (exp 9/4)

Giovanni Rana $1 off refrigerated sauce (exp 9/4)

L’Oreal Paris $2 off skincare product ets (exp 7/9)

Lipton Buy 1 tea product, get 1 black, herbal or green tea product 20ct free excludes bottles teas up to $3.99 (exp 6/26)

Luigi’s $.50 off real Italian ice 24floz+ (exp 7/15)

Pampers $3/2 bags or 1 box diapers or pants ets (exp 6/25)

Silk $1 off nutchello nut-based beverage (exp 8/12)

Soft Scrub $.50 off 4-in-1 toilet care product (exp 7/2)

Soft Scrub $1 off 20oz+ product (exp 7/2)

Suave B1G1 free body wash product excluding essentials, men and kids excluding 28oz and trial up to $3 (exp 6/26)

Suave Kids $1.50 off purely fun hair care product ets (exp 7/10)

Suave Kids $1 off hair care product ets (exp 7/10)

Suave Professionals $2/2 shampoos or conditioners 28oz or treatments products ets (exp 7/10)

Suave Professionals $3/2 gold hair care products excludes luxe styling products and 2oz trial (exp 7/10)

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clipped coupons & whole inserts available from coupon dede

Alfaro’s $.55 off artesano style bread 20oz dnd (exp 9/10)

Aqua Velva/Lectic Shave $2 off product (exp 9/30)

Betty Crocker $.50/2 fruit shapes, etc (exp 8/6)

Betty Crocker $1/2 suddenly salad (exp 8/6)

Blue Bunny $1/2 premium ice cream or novelty cartons (exp 7/23)

Canine Carry Outs $1/4 dog snacks (exp 8/7)

Carefree $1 off product excludes 18-22ct (exp 7/23)

Colgate $.50 off toothpaste 3oz+ (exp 6/25)

Edge/Skintimate/Schick $1 off edge, skintimate or schick hydro shave gel excludes 2.75oz (exp 6/26)

Farmer John $.75 off bacon (exp 8/12)

Farmer John $1/2 breakfast sausage (exp 8/12)

Farmer John $1/2 hot dogs (exp 8/12)

Fiber One $.50/2 chewy bars, 90 calorie products, protein chewy bars, streusel bars, cheesecake bars or cookies (exp 8/6)

General Mills $1/3 big g cereals (exp 7/23)

Glade $1/3 room sprays (exp 7/10)

Helper $1/2 regular or ultimate skillet dishes (exp 8/6)

Ice Chips $1/2 candy (exp 10/31)

Just for Men/Touch of Gray $2 off product (exp 9/30)

L’Oreal $2 off advanced haircare shampoo or conditioner product excludes 1.7oz and 3oz trial (exp 6/25)

L’Oreal $2 off advanced hairstyle product excludes 1.7oz and 3oz trial (exp 6/25)

L’Oreal $3 off advanced haircare treatment product (exp 6/25)

Land O’Frost $.75 off simply delicious lunchmeat (exp 7/17)

MegaRed $1 off product (exp 9/12)

Milk-Bone $1/2 dog snacks (exp 8/7)

Milo’s Kitchen $1/2 dog treats (exp 8/7)

Move Free $3 off product (exp 9/12)

Nature Valley $.50/2 5ct+ granola bars or backpacker chewy oatmeal bites (exp 8/6)

Neat 3B $2 off body saver product (exp 6/30)

Neat 3B $2 off face saver product (exp 6/30)

One A Day/MiraFIBER $4 off 150ct+ one a day vitamins AND 1 150ct+ mirafiber powder or caplets (exp 6/30) TARGET COUPON

Palmolive $.25 off dish liquid 10oz+ (exp 7/2)

Palmolive $.50 off dish liquid 22oz+ (exp 7/2)

Philips Sonicare $10 off 2 series plaque control, 3 series gum health, healthywhite+ or airfloss (exp 7/31)

Philips Sonicare $5 off essence, essence+ or for kids rechargeable toothbrush (exp 7/31)

Philips Sonicare $5 off replacement brush head pack excludes powerup brush heads (exp 7/31)

Planters $1/2 products 6oz+ dnd (exp 8/7)

Playtex $1 off gentle glide tampons (exp 7/23)

POM $.50.1 antioxidant super tea dnd (exp 7/31)

POM $.50 off juice dnd (exp 7/31)

Premier Protein $1/2 30g or fiber bars (exp 9/12)

Premier Protein $3 off shake 4pk (exp 9/12)

Prevacid 24HR $3 off product (exp 6/26)

Pup-Peroni $1/2 dog snacks (exp 8/7)

Ragu $1 off sauce (exp 7/11)

Revlon $1/2 haircolor products (exp 7/17)

Schick $2 off hydro refill excludes disposables and women’s refills (exp 7/3)

Schick $3 off hydro 5 disposable razor pack excludes 2ct and women’s disposables (exp 7/3)

Schick $3 off hydro razor excludes disposables and women’s razors or refills (exp 7/3)

Schick $3 off quattro titanium razor or refill excludes disposables and women’s razor’s or refills (exp 7/3)

Scrubbing Bubbles $2/2 all-purpose cleaners with fantastik (exp 7/10)

Scrubbing Bubbles $2/2 bathroom cleaning products (exp 7/10)

Stayfree $1 off product (exp 7/23)

Totino’s $.75/3 17.4oz+ pizza rolls or blasted crust rolls (exp 8/6)