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09/23/18 rmn + ss

retail me not everyday (previously known as redplum)
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All $1 off product ets (exp 10/27)

AXE $1 off body spray or deodorant product ets (exp 10/21)

AXE $1 off body wash ets (exp 10/6)

AXE $1 off hair care product ets (exp 10/6)

Caress $1 off body wash 12oz+ or beauty bar 6pk+ (exp 10/6)

Dove $.75 off beauty bar 4pk+ (exp 10/7)

Dove $1.25 off advanced care antiperspirant/deodorant excluding trial and multipacks (exp 10/6)

Dove $1.50 off dry spray ets (exp 10/6)

Dove $1 off body wash product 22oz+ (exp 10/7)

Dove $1 off exfoliating body polish product 10.5oz (exp 10/7)

Dove $2/2 hair care products excluding trial and dermacare (exp 10/7)

Dove Baby $1.50 off product 13oz or 2oz excluding gift sets, bars, and wipes (exp 10/7)

Dove DermaCare $2 off 2 off scalp product ets (exp 10/7)

Dove Men+Care $1.50 off hair care product excluding trial and dermacare (exp 10/6)

Dove Men+Care $1 off antiperspirant or deodorant product excluding twin and trial (exp 10/6)

Dove Men+Care $1 off bar 4pk+ or body wash ets (exp 10/7)

Dove Men+Care $2 off dermacare product ets (exp 10/6)

Dove Men+Care $2 off foaming body wash ets (exp 10/7)

Lipton $.40 off tea product (exp 10/21)

Love Beauty and Planet B1G1 free hair care, skin cleansing, or deodorant product excluding hair masque and trial up to $9.49 dnd (exp 10/6)

M&Ms $1/2 8oz+ bags dnd (exp 11/4)

Nexxus $5 off product excluding sachets, 5.1oz, shampoos and conditioner, and trial (exp 10/6)

Noxzema $.50 off 3-blade razor (exp 10/15)

Noxzema $1.50 off facial product excluding 2oz jars and trial (exp 10/7)

Pond’s $1.50 off product excluding 1.7oz jars, 5ct towelettes, and trial (exp 10/7)

Purina/Target Buy $25+ pet food, litter, and/or treats, get $5 giftcard (exp 10/13)

SheaMoisture $1 off bar soap ets (exp 10/7)

SheaMoisture $3 off bath, body, or facial care item excluding bar soaps, single use packets, and trial (exp 10/7)

SheaMoisture $3 off hair care item excluding single use packets and trial (exp 10/7)

Simple $2 off product ets (exp 10/7)

Snuggle $.50 off product ets (exp 10/27)

St. Ives $1.50 off product ets (exp 10/7)

Suave $.50 off antiperspirant or clinical protection deodorant product (exp 10/20)

Suave $.75 off lotion 10oz+ dnd (exp 10/20)

Suave $1 off styling product excluding trial and twin packs (exp 10/7)

Suave Kids $2/2 hair care products ets (exp 10/6)

Suave Men $1 off hair care product ets (exp 10/6)

Suave Professionals $1 off wash and care product excluding trial and twin packs (exp 10/7)

Suave Professionals $3/2 wash and care products excluding trial and twin packs (exp 10/7)

TRESemme $2 off compressed micro-mist hair spray product ets (exp 10/7)

TRESemme $2 off dry shampoo product ets (exp 10/7)

TRESemme $2/2 shampoo or conditioner 28oz products (exp 10/7)

TRESemme $5/2 pro collection shampoo or conditioner 22oz products (exp 10/7)

Tylenol/Motrin $1.50 off children’s or infants (exp 10/21)

Up & Up $3 off 42ct omeprazole delayed release orally disintegrating tablets 20mg (exp 10/29)

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coupons may vary by region

ACT $1 off dry mouth product ets (exp 11/30)

ACT $1 off kids product ets (exp 11/30)

ACT $1 off product (exp 11/30)

Afrin $1 off product (exp 10/31)

Afrin $2 off product (exp 10/7)

Auntie Anne’s $1 off at home product (exp 11/4)

Blue-Emu $3 off original (exp 11/30)

Blue-Emu/Lidocare $3 off blue-emu pain relief cream, continuous spray, or lidocaine cream; or lidocare arm, neck, and leg or back and shoulders (exp 11/30)

Brut $1.50 off classic fragrance 3,5, 5, or 7 oz or antiperspirant/deodorant 2, 2.25, 2.5, 4, 6, or 10oz excluding revolution deodorant (exp 10/21)

Differin $2 off gel dnd (exp 11/30)

Fancy Feast $1/24 wet cat food cans (exp 12/31)

Fancy Feast $1/4 appetizers or purely filets (exp 12/31)

Infusium $2 off 13.5oz shampoo or conditioner, or 13oz leave in treatment (exp 10/21)

Kotex U $1 off fitness products excluding 14-22ct liners and trial (exp 10/13)

Kotex U $1 off pads or liners excluding 14-22ct liners and trial (exp 10/13)

Kotex U $1 off tampons or security tampons ets (exp 10/13)

Pert $2 off 13.5oz+ product (exp 10/21)

Rid-X $.50 off product (exp 10/23)

Rid-X $.50 off product (exp 11/23)

Rimmel London $1 off eye, face, or lip product (exp 11/30)

Rimmel London $2 off eye product (exp 11/30)

Sargento $.75 off blends slices (exp 11/18)

Sargento $1/2 natural cheese slices (exp 11/18)

SmartyPants $2 off product dnd (exp 11/4)

Sure $1.50 off 2.6, 2.7, or 6oz product (exp 10/21)

Wonderful Pistachios $.50 off no shells product 6-7oz (exp 11/23)

Wonderful Pistachios $1 off no shells products 12oz+ (exp 11/23)

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