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01/14/18 ss

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Belvita $1/2 breakfast biscuits 8.8oz+ (exp 2/24)

Betty Crocker $.50/2 fruit snacks (exp 3/10)

Dole $1 off 32oz+ frozen fruit bag (exp 4/8)

Dole $1 off frozen fruit bag (exp 4/8)

Dole $1/2 4ct fruit bowls (exp 3/11)

Dreamfields $1 off pasta (exp 3/17)

DYMO $2 off letratag label maker machine (exp 4/14)

DYMO $2/2 letratag labels (exp 4/14)

Elmer’s $1/3 pourable glues 4oz+ (exp 2/25)

Eucerin $2 off baby product (exp 1/27)

Eucerin $2 off body product (exp 1/27)

Expo $1 off dry erase marker 2ct+ (exp 2/25)

Fiber One $.50/2 bars or bites (exp 3/10)

Frank’s $.75 off redhot sauce bottle (exp 3/15)

General Mills $1/3 cheerios, cinnamon toast crunch, lucky charms, reese’s puffs, chex, blasted shreds, cocoa puffs, trix, fiber one, cookie crisp, golden grahams, kix, total , Wheaties, dora the explorer, oatmeal crisp, raisin nut bran, basic 4, girl scouts or nature valley boxed cereal (exp 2/24)

Glade $2 off plugins car starter kit only (exp 2/10)

Glade B1G1 free plugins car refill up to $3.50 (exp 2/10)

Helper $.75/3 regular or ultimate (exp 3/10)

Hidden Valley $.50 off ranch dressing bottle (exp 3/11)

InkJoy $1 off gel pen 2ct+ (exp 2/25)

Joly Time $.50 off microwave pop corn (exp 2/28)

Land O’Frost $.40 off delisnackers (exp 3/3)

Land O’Frost $.50 off delisnackers (exp 2/17)

Nabisco $.75/2 cookie or cracker product s 3.5oz+ (exp 2/24)

Nalley $.40/2 chili cans (exp 3/31)

Neo-Synephrine $1.50 off spray (exp 2/28)

Neo-Synephrine $4/2 sprays (exp 2/28)

Nivea $2 off body lotion, in-shower body lotion or cream ets (exp 1/27)

Nivea $4/2 body lotions, in-shower body lotions or creams ets (exp 1/27)

Rachael Ray Nutrish $1.50 off 6.3oz+ dog treats bag (exp 3/11)

Rachael Ray Nutrish $2.50 off 3lb+ dry dog food bag (exp 3/11)

Rachael Ray Nutrish $2 off 3lb+ dry cat food bag (exp 3/11)

Rachael Ray Nutrish $3 off wet cat food variety pack or 12 individual cups (exp 3/11)

Rachael Ray Nutrish $3 off wet dog food variety pack or 6 individual tubs (exp 3/11)

Renew Life $1.25 off 3-day cleanser (exp 3/11)

Renew Life $5 off ultimate flora probiotic 30ct+ (exp 3/11)

Schwarzkopf $2 off gliss hair repair (exp 2/3)

Schwarzkopf $4/2 gliss hair repair (exp 2/3)

Sharpie $.55 off permanent marker 2ct+ (exp 2/25)

Silk $.55 off dairy-free yogurt alternative (exp 3/14)

Silk $1 off half gallon (exp 3/14)

Uni-Ball $2 off 2ct+ product (exp 2/25)

VitaFusion $3 off regular or l’il critters 90ct+ bottle (exp 2/18)

Werther’s Original $.50 off sugar free caramels 2.35oz+ (exp 8/31)

Wet n Wild $.50 off product (exp 1/27)

Wet n Wild $1 off eye product (exp 1/27)

Wet n Wild $1 off face product (exp 1/27)

Yoplait $1/10 yogurt cups (exp 3/10)

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