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12/03/17 rp + ss

coupons may vary by region

Advil $2 off allergy sinus, allergy & congestion relief, cold & sinus or sinus congestion & pain product (exp 12/31)

Anchor Hocking $.50 off measuring cup 16oz+ (exp 12/31)

Anchor Hocking $1 off single rectangular or square baking dish (exp 12/31)

Anchor Hocking $2.50 off 12 piece+ food storage set (exp 12/31)

Angel Soft $.50 off bath tissue, 4+ double roll (exp 1/3)

Angel Soft $1 off bath tissue 12+ roll or 6+ mega roll (exp 1/3)

Aussie $2/2 shampoo, conditioner or styling products ets (exp 12/16)

Aussie $3/3 shampoo, conditioner or styling products ets (exp 12/16)

AZO $8 off bladder control or bladder control & weight management (exp 2/28)

Boiron $3 off arnicare cream 2.5oz, arnicare gel 2.6oz, arnicare bruise, oscillococcinum 6 dose, coldcalm, calendula cream 2.5oz or camilia 30 dose (exp 2/28)

Brawny $1 off paper towel (exp 12/30)

Brawny $2 off 6xl or 8xl paper towel (exp 12/30)

Coty $2 off men’s fragrance or gift set (exp 12/25)

Coty $2 off women’s fragrance or gift set (exp 12/25)

Emergen-C $1 off 8ct+ (exp 12/31)

Febreze Buy 1 sprayer mist, get 1 refill free ets up to $4.29 (exp 12/16)

Flonase $10 off sensimist 120ct+ product (exp 12/10)

Flonase $6 off sensimist 60ct adult or children’s product (exp 12/10)

Garnier $2 off moisturizer excluding trial and masks (exp 12/30)

Gold Bond $1.50 off eczema, psoriasis, diabetics’, rough & bumpy, neck & chest or dark spot minimizing excludes hand creams and 1oz (exp 1/27)

Gold Bond $1.50 off lotion 13oz+ excluding hand creams and 1oz sizes (exp 1/27)

Gold Bond $1 off cream or lotion 2.4-8.1oz (exp 1/27)

Got2b $2 off style product ets (exp 1/13)

Herbal Essences $2/2 shampoo, conditioner or styling products ets (exp 12/16)

Herbal Essences $3/3 shampoo, conditioner or styling products ets (exp 12/16)

Life Savers/Starburst/Skittles $1/2 life savers, life savers gummies or starburst/skittles holiday storybooks dnd (exp 12/25)

Mars $1/2 holiday products 3.5oz+ dnd (exp 12/25)

Nexium 24HR $2 off product (exp 1/28)

Nexium 24HR $5 off 28ct or 42ct product (exp 12/17)

Purina Friskies $2/24 5.5oz wet cat food cans (exp 3/4)

Purina/Target $5 giftcard with $20+ cat food and/or treats purchase (exp 12/23)

Purina/Target $5 giftcard with $20+ dog food and/or treats purchase (exp 12/23)

Purina/Target $5 giftcard with $20+ tidy cats litter purchase (exp 12/23)

Quaker $1 off select starts products (exp 1/20)

Renuzit $.75 off adjustables multipack 3pk+ (exp 12/17)

Renuzit B3G1 free adjustables air freshener cones up to $1.10 (exp 12/17)

Robitussin $2 off adult product (exp 12/31)

Robitussin/Dimetapp/Advil $2 off children’s advil, robitussin or Dimetapp or infants’ advil (exp 12/31)

Robitussin/Dimetapp/Advil $5/2 robitussin, children’s robitussin, Dimetapp, children’s advil, advil cold & sinus or advil sinus congestion and pain products (exp 12/17)

Rohto $1.50 off eye drops (exp 1/6)

Rohto $5 off dry-aid eye drops (exp 1/6)

Sally Hansen $3 off color therapy, complete salon manicure, miracle gel, salon gel polish nail polish or holiday set $6.50+ (exp 1/3)

Schwarzkopf $4/2 gliss hair repair products (exp 12/24)

Schwarzkopf Buy 1 color, get 1 gliss hair repair free up to $6.99 dnd (exp 12/24)

Skittles/Juicy Fruit/Doublemint/Spearmint/Starburst/Hubba Bubba $.50/2 holiday products dnd (exp 12/25)

Stainmaster $.50 off carpet stain remover, carpet pet stain remover or high traffic cleaner 13oz (exp 1/1)

Stainmaster $.75 off carpet stain remover, pet stain remover, high traffic cleaner or pet high traffic cleaner 22oz+ (exp 1/1)

UP4 $10 off product excluding kids (exp 2/28)

UP4 $5 off kids cubes probiotics (exp 2/28)

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coupons may vary by region

Air Wick $1.25 off scented oil twin or triple refill (exp 12/31)

Air Wick B1G1 free freshmatic ultra refill up to $5.49 (exp 12/31)

Ball $1 off 4pk mini jars dnd (exp 12/31)

Ball $3 off 4pk sharing jars dnd (exp 12/31)

Ball/Kerr $2 off 12pk glass jars dnd (exp 12/31)

Blue Diamond $1 off 12oz+ almonds bag (exp 2/4)

Blue Diamond $1 off 5oz bag or 6oz almonds can (exp 12/10)

Blue Diamond $2/2 5oz bags or 6oz almond cans (exp 2/4)

Clorox $.50 off scentiva product (exp 12/31)

Colgate $.50 off toothpaste 3oz+ (exp 12/16)

Colgate $1 off total, optic white, enamel health or sensitive toothpaste 3oz+ (exp 12/16)

Curel $1.50 off product 6oz+ (exp 1/28)

Curel $3 off hydra therapy wet skin moisturizer 8oz or 12oz (exp 1/28)

Dr. Scholl’s $2 off stylish step insoles $7.95+ or duragel product (exp 12/17)

Dr. Scholl’s $3 off freeze away wart remover $7.95+ (exp 12/17)

Dr. Scholl’s $5 off athletic series insole $8.95+ (exp 12/17)

Dr. Scholl’s $5 off comfort & energy insoles, pain relief orthotics or custom fit orthotics $8.95+ (exp 12/17)

Efferdent $1 off 24ct+ product (exp 12/31)

Energizer $1.25 off batteries or flashlight (exp 1/6)

Energizer $1 off hearing aid batteries (exp 1/6)

Excedrin $2.50 off 200ct+ product (exp 1/7)

Excedrin $2 off 20ct+ product (exp 12/17)

Garnier Nutrisse $2 off product (exp 12/30)

Jergens $1.50 off moisturizer 8oz+, excluding soap and wet skin moisturizer (exp 12/30)

Jergens $3 off wet skin moisturizer 10oz+ (exp 12/30)

L’Oreal $1 off magic root cover up spray (exp 12/30)

L’Oreal $2 off hair expert shampoo, conditioner, treatment or advanced hairstyle product excluding 3oz (exp 1/6)

L’Oreal $5/2 superior preference, excellence or age perfect by excellence haircolor products (exp 12/30)

POM $.50 off beverage 12oz+ dnd (exp 1/6)

POM $1 off juice 24oz+ dnd (exp 1/6)

POM POMS $.50 off 4.3oz fresh pomegranate arils dnd (exp 1/14)

POM POMS $.50 off 8oz fresh pomegranate arils (exp 1/14)

Pop Secret $.75 off 6pk+ dnd (exp 1/28)

Pop Secret $1/2 3pk+ dnd (exp 1/28)

Rachael Ray $1.50 off nutrish dog treats (exp 1/28)

Rain-X/Target $5 giftcard with 2 latitude water repellency wiper blades (exp 12/31)

Rubbermaid $1/2 takealong products dnd (exp 1/14)

Rubbermaid $2 off party platter/party serving kit dnd (exp 1/14)

Schick $1 off edge or skintimate shave gel excluding 2.75oz (exp 12/24)

Schick $2 off hydro or Quattro titanium razor or refill excluding disposables (exp 12/24)

Schick $2 off quattro for women, intuition or hydro silk razor or refill excluding disposables (exp 12/24)

Skippy $.75/2 peanut butter and spread products (exp 1/29)

Spice Islands $1.50/2 spices and seasonings (exp 1/31)

Splenda $2 off naturals product dnd (exp 1/5)

Splenda $2 off product excluding no calorie sweetener 50ct packs dnd (exp 1/5)

Theraflu $2 off product (exp 12/31)

Theraflu $2 off severe cold & flu syrup or caplets (exp 12/9)

Triaminic $1 off product (exp 12/31)

Zantac $3 off regular or duo fusion product 20ct+ (exp 12/31)

Zest/Coast $1 off body wash, shower gel or bar soap 6pk+ dnd (exp 12/17)

Zicam $2 off product 18ct/.5oz+ (exp 1/31)

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