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09/20/15 ss

available from coupon dede

Absorbine Jr. $1/1 product (exp 6/1/16)

Air Wick $1.25/1 scented oil twin refill or 2 single refills (exp 10/18)

Air Wick $1.25/2 candles or wax melts (exp 10/18)

Air Wick $2/1 freshmatic ultra refill (exp 10/18)

Air Wick $3/1 freshmatic ultra gadget (exp 10/18)

Air Wick Buy 1 scented oil twin refill, get a scented oil warmer gadget up to $1.50 (exp 10/18)

Anti Monkey Butt $1/1 product (exp 6/1/16)

Aussie $3/3 shampoo, conditioner or styling products ets (exp 10/17)

Bag Balm $1/1 product (exp 3/20/16)

Beech-Nut $1/3 4.25oz jars (exp 10/31)

BIC $1.50/2 stationery products (exp 10/31)

Blue Star $1.50/1 product (exp 6/1/16)

Clairol $2/1 age defy hair color or vidal sassoon pro-series hair color ets (exp 10/17)

Clairol $2/1 natural instincts crema keratina hair color ets (exp 10/17)

Clairol $3/1 perfect 10 hair color ets (exp 10/4)

Colgate $2/1 battery powered toothbrush (exp 10/10)

Corn Huskers $1/1 lotion ets (exp 6/1/16)

Delsym $3/1 product (exp 9/27)

Duncan Hines $1/1 perfect size cake or decadent cake mix dnd (exp 12/15)

Gevalia/Maxwell House/McCafe $1.50/1 keurig product 6ct+ (exp 10/31)

Hershey's $1/1 caramels 7.2oz (exp 11/15)

Irish Spring $.50/1 body wash excludes 2.5oz trial size (exp 10/10)

Irish Spring $1/1 signature for men or gear body wash or bar soap excludes 2.5oz body wash trial size (exp 10/10)

Lancaster $1/2 soft cremes 8oz (exp 11/15)

Morton $.35/1 garlic sea salt (exp 10/17)

Nature's Way $2.50/1 alive! multi-vitamin product (exp 11/30)

Nature's Way $4/1 primadophilus fortify probiotic (exp 11/30)

Nivea $2/1 body lotion or creme 2.6-21oz excludes trial and gift sets (exp 10/17)

Nivea $2/1 in-shower body lotion 13.5oz excludes trial size and gift sets (exp 10/17)

Palmolive $.25/1 dish liquid (exp 10/10)

Palmolive $.50/1 dish liquid 25oz+ (exp 10/10)

Purina Fancy Feast $3/48 cans or 2 24ct variety packs or 4 12ct variety packs (exp 12/31)

Purina Friskies $3/48 cans or 2 24ct variety packs or 4 12ct variety packs (exp 12/31)

Schick $3/1 hydro silk disposable pack (exp 11/1)

Schick $3/1 hydro silk or intuition razor excludes disposables (exp 11/1)

Schick $3/1 hydro silk refill (exp 11/1)

Skintimate $1/2 shave gels excludes 2.75oz (exp 11/1)

Softsoap $.50/1 liquid hand premium pump 8-10oz or refill 28oz+ (exp 10/10)

Speed Stick $.50/1 antiperspirant/deodorant 2.7oz+ (exp 10/10)

Speed Stick GEAR $2/1 antiperspirant/deodorant or body spray excludes 1.8 and .5oz (exp 10/10)

Speed Stick Lady $.50/1 antiperspirant/deodorant 2.3oz+ (exp 10/10)

Tom's of Maine $1/1 deodorant or antiperspirant or bar soap excludes trial size and toothpaste under 4oz (exp 11/22)

Tom's of Maine $1/1 toothpaste or mouthwash excludes trial size and toothpaste under 4oz (exp 11/22)

Tom's of Maine $2/1 baby product ets (exp 11/22)

Udderly Smooth $1/1 8oz or 12oz or 2 4oz tubes (exp 6/1/16)

Weber $.75/1 bbq sauce, seasoning, rub or 2 marinades dnd (exp 10/31)

Wet n Wild $.50/1 product (exp 10/3)

Wet n Wild $1/1 eye shadow (exp 10/3)

Wonderful $.50/1 pistachios product 4.5oz+ (exp 11/20)

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