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chattem "rise to the challenge" rebate

get $5 via PayPal when you spend $15 on 2 or more chattem products
get $10 via PayPal when you spend $30 on 2 or more chattem products

in one transaction
limit 1 per household
01/26/20 - 03/14/20
or until $25,000 in rebates have been issued

includes ACT, ACT Kids, Allegra, Allegra-D, Children’s Allegra, Xyzal, Children’s Xyzal, Nasacort, Arthritis Hot, Aspercreme, Capzasin, Flexall, Icy Hot, Icy Hot Smart Relief, Cortizone 10 (1 oz or larger), GOLD BOND, GOLD BOND Ultimate, Kaopectate, Rolaids (60 ct or larger), Selsun Blue, Sportcreme, Unisom, Dulcolax (25ct or larger) or Dulcolax Suppositories (4 ct or larger), DuoFusion and Zantac (24 ct or larger).
Excludes all travel/ trial sizes and 0.5 oz products.

$15 total applies to the price paid after coupons.

Before submitting a receipt, participants must highlight the different qualifying products on the receipt with a star or check.

Requests must be submitted on by 04/06/20.

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