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05/14/17 rp + ss

redplum #1
clipped coupons & whole inserts available from the coupon clippers
coupons may vary by region

Allegra $3 off children’s allergy product (exp 6/3)

Allegra $5 off allergy 24hr 24ct+ (exp 6/3)

Allegra $5 off children’s allergy 8oz or 24ct product (exp 5/20)

Allegra-D $3 off allergy & congestion product (exp 6/3)

Arnicare/Calendula $2 off product (exp 7/31)

Clairol $2 off hair color excluding age defy, balsam, textures & tones and trial (exp 5/27)

Clairol $3 off age defy, vidal sassoon or natural instincts crema keratina hair color ets (exp 5/27)

Clairol $5/2 hair color excluding age defy, balsam, textures & tones and trial (exp 5/27)

Flexitol $2.50 off product (exp 8/31)

Gillette $3 off razor system or disposable razor 2ct+ excluding sensor2 2ct (exp 5/27)

Iams $3 off 7lb+ dry cat food (exp 7/15)

Iams $5 off 9lb+ dry dog food (exp 7/15)

IBgard $2 off 12ct or 48ct (exp 11/17)

L’Oreal $1 off paris skincare product ets (exp 6/10)

L’Oreal $2 off paris revitalift or age perfect product ets (exp 6/10)

L’Oreal $2 off paris sublime bronze product ets (exp 6/10)

Mars $1 off snickers, twix, m&m’s, milky way, dovebar ice cream or starburst multi-packs 3-14ct dnd (exp 6/24)

Nasacort $3 off allergy 24hr 60 spray (exp 6/3)

Nasacort $5 off allergy 24hr 120 spray+ (exp 6/3)

Okocat $2 off litter, any size (exp 6/30)

Okocat B1G1 free small boxes only up to $8.99 (exp 6/30)

Pantene $1 off 3 minutes miracle deep conditioner ets (exp 5/27)

Pantene $1 off hairspray ets (exp 5/27)

Pantene $2/2 products excluding 6.7oz and trial (exp 5/27)

Pantene $3/2 expert collection or gold series products ets (exp 5/27)

Silk $.55 off half gallon+ (exp 7/14)

Silk $1 off protein nutmilk (exp 7/14)

Silk $1/2 yogurt alternative (exp 7/14)

Sue Bee $1 off honey variety (exp 7/31)

Uncle Ben’s $1 off flavor infusions rice product (exp 7/9)

Venus/Daisy $3 off venus razor or venus/daisy disposable 2ct+ excluding daisy2 2ct (exp 5/27)

redplum #2
clipped coupons & whole inserts available from the coupon clippers
coupons may vary by region

Covergirl $2 off eye product excluding 1-kits eyeshadows, accessories and trial (exp 6/10)

Covergirl $3/2 products excluding 1-kits eyeshadows, cheekers, accessories and trial (exp 6/10)

Degree Men $1 off motionsense, extra fresh or clinical protection deodorant product excluding twin packs and trial (exp 6/11)

Degree Women $1 off motionsense, ultra clear or clinical protection deodorant product excluding twin packs and trial (exp 6/11)

Dixie $1/2 plates (exp 6/14)

Garnier Nutrisse $2 off product (exp 6/10)

Lipton $.40 off tea bags, k-cup, liquid or powdered iced tea mix product (exp 6/11)

Mardi Gras $.50 off napkins (exp 6/14)

Noxzema $1 off product ets (exp 6/14)

Noxzema $2 off 5, 4 or 3-blade 3ct+, twin blade 12ct, spa 4 blade kit or sonic beauty wand ets (exp 6/14)

Nudges $1.50 off 10oz+ dog treats (exp 7/4)

Persil $1 off proclean laundry detergent ets (exp 6/11)

Persil $2 off proclean 75oz+ power-liquid or 38ct+ power-caps (exp 6/11)

Pond’s $1.50 off cleanser, moisturizer or towelette product ets (exp 6/14)

Purina Bella $2/12 wet dog food 3.5oz trays or 1 12ct variety pack (exp 7/14)

Purina Bella $3 off dry dog food (exp 7/14)

Purina Bella B1G1 free wet food 3.5oz tray up to $.85 (exp 7/14)

Simple Buy 1 cleanser or moisturizer, get 1 wipes 25ct ets up to $7.99 (exp 5/28)

St. Ives $1.50 off body wash, scrub, lotion or face care product ets (exp 6/10)

Suave $.50 off antiperspirant or clinical protection deodorant products excluding 1.4oz, twin packs and trial (exp 6/11)

Suave $2/2 styling products ets (exp 5/28)

Suave Essentials $.75 off body wash products ets (exp 6/4)

Suave Kids $1.50/2 hair care products ets (exp 5/28)

Suave Kids $3/2 disney and purely fun products ets (exp 5/28)

Suave Men $2/2 hair care and body wash products ets (exp 5/28)

Suave Professionals $2/2 gold hair care products ets (exp 5/28)

Suave Professionals $2/2 silver or green 28oz or treatment products ets (exp 5/28)

TRESemme $3/2 shampoo, conditioner or styling products ets (exp 5/28)

TRESemme B1G1 free expert range product ets up to $5.99 (exp 5/28)

Vaseline $2 off lotion 10oz+ (exp 6/10)

Whole Fruit $1 off organic juice tubes (exp 7/15)

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clipped coupons & whole inserts available from the coupon clippers
coupons may vary by region

Smart Source 5/14 Arm & Hammer $1 off spinbrush battery powered toothbrush or refill (exp 6/24)

Bai $.50 off black or bubbles 11.5oz (exp 7/31)

Blue Diamond $1 off 12oz+ almonds (exp 7/22)

Blue Diamond $1 off 5oz bag or 6oz can almonds (exp 7/22)

Brut $1 off classic fragrance, antiperspirant/deodorants or twin pack excluding 2.25oz revolution (exp 6/4)

Bush’s $1/2 variety beans, organic variety beans or hummus made easy (exp 7/9)

ClariSpray $4 off product (exp 6/11)

Claritin $4 off 30ct+ (exp 6/11)

Claritin $4 off children’s 8oz or 20ct+ (exp 6/11)

Claritin-D $4 off 15ct+ (exp 6/11)

Cottonelle $.50 off flushable cleansing cloths 42ct+ (exp 6/24)

Cottonelle $.50 off toilet paper 6+ rolls (exp 6/24)

Dole $1 off dippers box (exp 8/6)

Edge/Skintimate $1 off shave gel excluding 2.75oz (exp 6/4)

Excedrin $1.50 off 200ct+ (exp 8/6)

Excedrin $2 off 20ct+ (exp 5/29)

Fiber Choice $1 off flavor drops liquid (exp 7/14)

Fiber Choice $3 off tablet or gummy (exp 7/14)

Flintstones $2 off multivitamin (exp 6/10)

Honey Maid/Kraft/Hershey’s $2 off honey maid grahams 14.4oz+, kraft jet-puffed marshmallows 8oz+ and 1 hershey’s milk chocolate 6pk (exp 6/24)

Huggies $1.50 off diapers 10ct+ (exp 6/3)

Huggies $1.50 off little snugglers, little movers or overnites diapers 10ct+ (exp 6/3)

Huggies $1/2 wipes 56ct+ (exp 6/3)

Infusium $4 off 13.5oz shampoo or conditioner or 13oz leave in treatment only (exp 6/4)

Kleenex/Cottonelle/Viva/Scott $5/$25 kleenex facial tissue, cottonelle bath tissue and moist wipes, viva paper towels and scott bath tissue (exp 6/10)

TARGET COUPON Lamisil OTC $2 off product (exp 6/14)

Lysol $.50 off automatic toilet bowl cleaner (exp 7/11)

Lysol $.50 off disinfectant spray or disinfectant max cover mist 12.5oz+ (exp 6/27)

Lysol $.50 off kitchen pro trigger or kitchen pro wipes 35ct+ (exp 7/11)

Lysol $.50/2 disinfecting wipes 35ct+ (exp 6/27)

Lysol $.50/2 toilet bowl cleaners 24floz+ (exp 7/11)

Lysol $1 off laundry sanitizer 41oz+ (exp 6/27)

Marzetti $1 off original slaw dressing (exp 7/9)

Newtons $.75/2 fruit chewy cookies 10oz+ (exp 6/24)

One A Day $2 off kids product (exp 6/10)

OxiClean $.50 off pre-treater (exp 6/15)

OxiClean $1.50 off white revive laundry stain remover (exp 6/15)

OxiClean $1 off versatile stain remover (exp 6/15)

OxiClean $1 off washing machine cleaner (exp 6/15)

Palmolive Ultra $.25 off dish liquid (exp 5/27)

Palmolive Ultra $.50 off dish liquid 32.5oz+ (exp 5/27)

Pert Plus $1 off 13.5oz+ product (exp 6/4)

Pert Plus $2 off 25.4oz+ product (exp 6/4)

Playtex $1 off sport full size or gentle glide tampons 16ct+ (exp 6/14)

Playtex $2 off sport compact (exp 6/14)

Playtex $4/2 sport pads, liners or combo packs excluding 20ct liners (exp 6/14)

Pull-Ups $2 off training pants 7ct+ (exp 6/3)

Ragu $1.25/2 sauces 16oz+ (exp 6/11)

Revlon $2 off eye cosmetic product (exp 5/28)

Revlon $2 off tweezers or lash curlers (exp 5/28)

Rubbermaid $1 off beverage product dnd (exp 7/9)

Rubbermaid $2 off food storage container, excluding takealongs dnd (exp 7/9)

Schick $3 off disposable razor pack excluding 1ct (exp 6/4)

Schick $3 off quattro for women, intuition or hydro silk razor or refill excluding disposables and men’s razors and refills (exp 6/4)

Scott $.50 off bath tissue 8+ rolls (exp 6/11)

Scott $.50 off towels 6+ rolls (exp 6/11)

Scott Naturals $.50 off flushable cleansing cloths (exp 6/11)

Sheila G’s $1 off 5oz+ brownie brittle bag (exp 7/8)

Sheila G’s $2/2 5oz+ brownie brittle bags (exp 9/2)

Suavitel $.50 off fabric softener 44oz+ (exp 5/27)

Sure $1 off 2.6oz, 2.7oz, twin packs or 6oz product (exp 6/4)

Viva $.50 off vantage or regular paper towels 6pk+ (exp 6/25)

Vlasic $1/2 pickles, peppers or relish (exp 7/15)

Yoplait $.50/5 yogurt (exp 7/8)

Yoplait $.75/2 go-gurt, kids cup or trix yogurt (exp 7/8)

Zest $.50 off fruitboost shower gel or body scrub dnd (exp 6/26)

Zest/Coast $.50 off bar soap 6pk+ dnd (exp 6/26)

Zest/Coast $.50 off body wash dnd (exp 6/26)

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